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Zelda: If You Change Nintendo Switch Settings To Japanese You Can Play With Japanese Text And Voice

It would appear as though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t support dual audio and text in the way as you would expect. If you want the authentic Japanese experience you will need to change the language of the system to Japanese. This will enable you to have Japanese voice acting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but you will be stuck with Japanese subtitles too, making it a challenge for many players.

“In the case of the Nintendo Switch, if you change the language of the system, you can change the game to Japanese, but this is going to change everything to Japanese. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play with English text, for example, and Japanese voices”

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  1. That’s stupid… There is obviously some demand for it. And if the game also comes with the Japanese voices included, why not give people the option to choose the spoken language and the subtitles? Can’t be that hard or time consuming, can it?

  2. This is actually good news for me because I wanted a game with Japanese text and voices to continue practicing the language, too bad for the people who wanted to listen to the original audio with english subtitle though.

          1. Yeah, he said “continue practicing” so… whatever.

            I would like the english subs with Japanese voices though… already used to no voices in Zelda so whatever

      1. Ive done it a lot as well. You literally train your brain to not only hear the Japanese but also read the Hiragana and Kanji on screen. Whether or not you know a lot of it, is also a big factor.

  3. Honestly, I think you could see this as a bit of a challenge. If fans are so willing to hear the original, Japanese audio, surely they’re also willing to learn a bit of the language too, am I right?

    On the other hand, I watch some raw Japanese anime, and I have no idea what’s going on. I just enjoy the sights.

    I guess that people who want to experience this game in Japanese are gonna have to do either do a bit of learning or just enjoy the scenery, like I do.

    1. I have a fair bit of practice in the Japanese language behind me. I would still not be willing to be totally oblivious to the story or take minutes to translate every other word in a cutscene so that I can fully experience the story. It’s much more than a “bit” of Japanese learning.

      I would and do actually play games in Japanese for practice but those are games in which I’m willing to hurt the experience a bit while playing them. I want Japanese audio because I want the best experience playing the game that I can get.

  4. “Authentic Japanese experience” so, will I play the uncensored version of games too if I do that? You know, someone has to ask the real questions….

      1. True. Many people are trying to learn fictional languages like Klingon from Star Trek or Elvish from Lord of the Rings. Some have most likely even learned it to the point of being able to carry conversations using that language when talking to other people that know it very well.

  5. The link above is for a petition. It might not work but it’s a way to show Nintendo we want to be able to pick Japanese voices while keeping English text.

  6. The question is: is the jap text gonna include Furigana? Because if yes, then It is absolutely no problem for me at all. But if there are no Furigana (the Kana written ontop of the Kanji), then I’m gonna have some problems with reading. Only know about 700 – 800 of them.

  7. God damn it, of course Nintendo would continue their trend of disappointing fans. English voice acting, especially if done by Americans, will sound so out of place. Would’ve been better if they never went with real voice acting to begin with.

  8. The only one complaining are those freaky kids obsessed with Japanese cartoons that calls themselves “Otakus”. (Which is an insult word in Japan.) If they’re really that upset, they should go back watching their Japanese cartoons in a language they don’t even know but pretends to know the language just by reading English subtitles.

    1. Calm down. Japanese voice actors are way more emotional and sensitive than English or American ones, mainly because the Japanese language is very melodic, also because Japanese actors are just generally very energetic and emotional. We just prefer Zelda crying like a little silly girl, not like a blank formal woman. That’s the real reason why we want the Japanese voices, although I don’t think that the English one is bad in this game, judging by the trailer.

        1. Okey, that’s your opinion, so should I tell you that you are a spoiled brat that hates everything that’s not American? No, so just stop generalizing people who really enjoy and prefer Japanese voices. Everyone has their own reason and right to prefer something.

        2. So I guess you love the voice acting Peter Dinklage gave in Destiny then O_O
          I think I proved why some of us prefer the more convincing voice acting japan produces lol:D

  9. No need to cry like pansies. The game will be the same whether in English or Japanese or any other language. I’ll never understand non Japanese people who think Japanese is the best language ever.

  10. I am not an English born neither a nippon one but if I have to chose one. I will take the nippon version. Japanese voice acting is way better than US English. That my personal preference and I don’t understand why Nintendo are so keen with US voice acting. I am not going to talk for the all of Europe but based on my personal experience countries like Spain,.Italy France,Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg will prefer the Japanese voice with their own languages as subtitle rather than having to suffer the US voice. For the British and the irish they would go for the US voice (if they can’t get British voice).

  11. *facepalm* Nintendo once again doing the OPPOSITE of what is standard everywhere fucking else! Hell! Nintendo has even done what is standard with voice acting & subtitles in other games but suddenly they can’t do it with this game!? Anything else you guys are going backwards with, Nintendo, that we should know about?

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