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Walmart Will End In-Store Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders On Monday

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was properly revealed last week, Walmart has been taking in-store pre-orders for the console. The deadline for pre-ordering was supposed to be this weekend, but Walmart has decided to keep the pre-orders going for a few more days due to “amazing sales”. We know this from a picture posted by a Reddit user, and we’ve included the picture down below. The picture shows a notice from Walmart about the Switch pre-ordering deadline.





    1. The only thing to remember is that there are only 4 main (and actually good) first-party titles that will be releasing on the Switch this year. We have Zelda in March, Mario Kart in April, Splatoon 2 in the Summer and Mario Odyssey in December. Then in 2018, we’ve got Fire Emblem, probably the Pokémon Stars game that was leaked, and possibly more ports of Wii U titles (perhaps a Super Smash Bros. port?).

      So essentially, the only reason to buy a Switch in the first month of release is for Zelda. Nintendo is being smart however, in the sense that they’re releasing a great single-player game (Zelda), followed by a great multiplayer game (MK8), so they’re obviously targeting both the single and multiplayer gamers within the first 2 months of release of the console, in an effort to boost sales.

      Personally though, I’m a fan of turn-based JRPGS, so… even though I’ll probably get a Switch this year, I’ll be eagerly awaiting a main series Pokémon game, and dare I say it, a proper Paper Mario game (in 2019, I hope), In the meantime, hopefully we’ll see more VC games in the Switch’s eShop, including Gamecube titles, so I can re-purchase Thousand-Year Door and remind myself of how great Paper Mario used to be before Tanabe wrecked it. Seriously, someone should fire him. First Sticker Star, then Federation Force, then Color Splash… this guy is going downhill faster than pushing a Boldore off a cliff.

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      1. You’re forgetting 1, 2 Switch, ARMS in spring, Fire Emblem Warriors in fall and Xenoblade 2 sometime in 2017. That’s an amazing list of first party games within what is essentially 10 months from launch.

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    1. To get people anxious. Make them feel like they have to hurry up and buy one. I’ll bet the opposite is true though, the Switch is not selling as well as they thought it would. Need more time to sell their stock.


      1. I work at Walmart (posted store number here but then…..Walmart ninjas could get mad at me…ill just say Oregon)

        Walmart inc. Is two companies. and
        Walmart (the store)
        Online has a certain amount they have for preorders.

        The store does too but usually a smaller amount AND they get the amount that is preordered PLUS the amount that Nintendo thinks is good for that store based on previous sales and presales of consoles. 

        The reason Walmart would extend it could have been it not selling well (or and most likely) is selling way more than expected so they got a better launch day deal/amount of consoles.

        ( cant give exact numbers) At my store we are over twice the amount of Nintendo switch preorders than ps4 and Xbox one preorders comparing the amounts that were preordered.

        We are now gonna be doing a “party” and have a game set playing switch launch night. It’ll have cupcakes and cake. Energy drinks for 18s and up (same with cake unless guardian is there) giving away a $50 gift card to best player somehow. (still working out all details)

        I’m making tiny trivia cards (size of hanafuda cards) with a cool design on back. Etc etc.

        This is gonna be BIG. Walmart is behind it 100%. It is before spring break and a bunch of kids (Grrr cough) will want it for spring break. Adult spring breakers will still play it because besides adult activities you do have 1 2 switch….a party game great for drinking with…….and just dance….gals love just dance. The boys will buy hoping to promote to adult activities.

        So there you go. This will be bigger than you think. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get fucked over by Nintendo.

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    2. Maybe the extra preorders will be put on a waiting list so even if they don’t have enough stock to meet preorders on day 1, anyone that isn’t able to get one won’t have to worry about their order being canceled & having to hunt for a Switch later on as the store has their name & can just call them when they have more in stock. If I’m right, it’s a damn shame GameStop, Best Buy, & Target aren’t doing it. It would definitely lessen the amount of people upset they had their order canceled because the store ran out of preorders.


      1. I called both of my local Wal-Mart stores after reading your comment, and both stores said that they WERE taking preorders, but NOBODY has preordered any Switch consoles yet. I was shocked. I thought this was sold out EVERYWHERE? Unfortunately, the preorders were only for the standard gray Joy-Con set. I wanted the neon Joy-Con set. (- _ -)


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