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Nintendo Of America President Says Metroid Prime 4 “Is Well In Development”

One game that many Nintendo fans are excited about is the next entry in the beloved Metroid Prime franchise, Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Mashable that the game is well into development at the moment and that they internally know when it is going to be released, but won’t reveal the date just yet. Hopefully it will be shown off at The Game Awards 2018 which takes place next month.

“Internally, we have expectations about when [Metroid Prime 4] is going to be released,” Fils-Aimé said. “We haven’t announced it, but yeah, the game is well in development.”



    1. LIAR! Sorry to interrupt here. But during this news, the Nintendo Of America President lied! It has been announced recently that Metroid Prime 4 didn’t end well with Bandai Namco that’s why Nintendo called Retro Studios to restart MP4’s development. Now those who anticipated MP4’s release this year will have to wait again. But I guess it’ll be fine since I personally think it’s in good hands. I can’t believe Nintendo fooled the public for almost two months. Metroid Prime 4 better be great Retro Studios!

  1. Please let Metroid Prime 4 be a tentative title. Dark Samus, aka Metroid Prime, is dead so let’s keep it that way. Now if they want to create a new character that just so happens to be named Metroid Prime, then I’m all for this being Metroid Prime 4. If not, I want that to be the tentative title. Don’t want another Metroid Prime Federation Force fiasco where they just took the Metroid Prime name to sell a new game that didn’t have anything to do with Metroid Prime or a new character just so happened to be called Metroid Prime.

    I’m not fond of movies using name or brand recognition to sell a brand new movie that has nothing to do with the original franchise, so why should I give a game doing the same a free pass? Least Resident Evil used the monsters & Umbrella as the villains. Doom, on the other hand, was a shitty Doom movie as it was basically just Resident Evil with Doom monsters that took place on Mars. It would have been a great movie if it had used it’s own original monsters and wasn’t named Doom after the video game series. I still enjoy the movie for what it is but I really wish it had stayed true to the games. Super Mario Bros the Movie and Doom: two video game movies I adore but sadly take a huge dump on the games they were based on.

    1. Hold on a sec, Metroid Primes were the measly squids nesting in the meteors from Phaaze that you exterminated like bugs in Prime 3.
      Dark Samus is beyond that, a beautiful fusion of the squid from Prime 1, phazon and the phazon suit.

      1. Those were not Metroid Primes but simply regular Metroids infected with regular Phazon. Metroid Prime was, like Omega Ridley & others, a guardian chosen by the Leviathan that crashed into Tallon IV and was infected with a far more potent form of Phazon. Unfortunately for the Leviathan, it picked a creature that not even it could control and was thus absorbed by Metroid Prime. Dark Samus is still Metroid Prime regardless of whether it’s form was changed.

      2. Well, “simply regular Metroids infected with regular Phazon” is exactly what a metroid prime is.

        Here’s the basic idea; A leviathan seed is a sentient terraforming weapon.
        They all contain normal phazon to infect a planet, and they all contain a prime to consume and rule it.
        The moment that turned the prime of the Tallon IV seed exceptional
        was its opportunity to fuse with the OmegaPirate-enhanced Phazon Suit at death’s door. (beautifully captured in the end cutscene)
        Not its indomitability or exposure to some super phazon.
        Space Pirate- and Chozo tech plus radioactive McGuffin – now that’s power.

        But here is my real point; The only thing you need to make a Prime 4 is to say
        “Turns out there’s another piece of rock from Phaaze drifting in space”.
        It would contain a prime, and now we have a game.

        (Oh and while we’re at it. Space Pirates revived and enhanced Ridley creating Omega Ridley of their own volition and of their desire to exploit phazon)

    2. You’re thinking too much into it. The name is just meant to get the point across that the events of the game are influenced by and take place right after Prime 3, most likely the 100% ending where Sylux follows Samus. He’ll likely be the main antagonist doing something with the Metroid he stole at the end of Federation Force.

      1. Name still needs to change if they don’t have a creature named Metroid Prime in the game. Sylux better have mutated the Metroid he stole and named it Metroid Prime. Otherwise, it’s just using name recognition like that god forsaken Federation Force drivel. I’ll still enjoy it and play it but I will refuse to call it Metroid Prime 4 if there is no Metroid Prime.

        1. Again, thinking too much into it. It’s still part of the overall story if the events of Prime 3 directly affect it. “Metroid Prime” is also pretty much it’s own sub series.

      2. It’s like how some Zelda games don’t have anything to do with Zelda. It’s the name of that series and style of play even if it no longer directly applies.

      3. @Kjeks
        Zelda is not in Link’s awakening and she’s in one flashback in Majora’s Mask,but they kept the Zelda name because it still plays like the other Zeldas.

        To me as long as the game plays like a Metroid Prime game then they can keep the name.If Metroid Prime is not in the game at all it will most likely be referenced in the story or scan log at some point

      4. @kurtsfisaix

        Zelda is in both games, you know.
        Furthermore both Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask are direct sequels (to oracles and ocarina respectively) as though they were additional chapters behind their previous games. In Ocarina of Time Adult Zelda sends Link back to his childhood before the seven year invasion of Ganondorf. Having completed their mission Navi then leaves Link, who later rides into the woods to foreign lands in search of her. At that point Majora’s Mask takes place; direct line of events.

        Being part of the previous story directly tied to princess Zelda make them reasonable additions to the franchise, and naming the games Zelda make sense for that reason.
        Here you can see Awakening’s direct tie to the previous games, where Link sets off on another journey after completing seasons/ages much like the Ocarina Link did. Furthermore you’ll see that Marin speaks in the voice of Princess Zelda?
        It’s because Marin /is/ princess Zelda, the way Link is currently dreaming of her – as none of what happens in this game is real. (Besides possibly a curse on an actual nearby Wind Fish)
        Needless to say Marin has a prominent role in Awakening.

        Nintendo is no doubt happy to name the game based on how it plays though, I’m sure.

    3. I think the name means more than that the character is in it, I think it also signifies something about the gameplay. If Prime 4 plays like a Prime game- i.e. 1st person adventure – then I think it should be called Prime 4.

    4. It comes down to “Will calling it Metroid Prime 4 sell more, or fewer copies”. I don’t think they care much if it makes sense. If it were a movie franchise, they’d just call it “The Metroid”

      1. Maybe not. I get where you’re coming from, but people were quite into the Samus Returns remake, which has more in common with Other M than any other Metroid game where gameplay goes.

  2. For some reason this sounds like it’s not 2019 to me. Just how it reads to me for some reason.

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