Microsoft Wants Xbox Games Pass Available On Each And Every Platform

The thought of being able to play the vast library of Xbox Games Pass on non Microsoft consoles would sure to tempting to some of you. Games Pass includes all first party Xbox releases and a large variety of third party games. Phil Spencer has said that he wants to the service on each and every device, which could include Nintendo and Sony platforms. It’s a revolutionary service for gamers and at £7.99 a month is very good value for money.

“When you think about reaching a customer with this content where their only compute device could be an Android phone, you think about, ‘What are all the ways that person pays for content today’?” Spencer said. “So we need to make sure that we’re world-class at free-to-play content, but we also look at subscription as a much lower barrier way for a customer to build a library of content.

“So we built Xbox Game Pass — it started on console, it will come to PC, and eventually it will come to every device — we use the flywheel that we have with customers on an Xbox to start the growth in Xbox Game Pass. But as somebody sitting back and taking a longer-term view of where our business is going, you should look at that as a business model that we think scales to billions of people not hundreds of millions of people like retail does.”However, the most interesting implication is that Microsoft might seek to bring its Game Pass service to PlayStation and Nintendo devices. Spencer’s comments weren’t limited to “console, then PC, then mobile” — he instead said “every device”.



  1. Well, MS’ games wouldn’t eat up the Nintendo exclusive’s marked on the Switch. I don’t see it happen esespecially since that pass will but Switch Online in a worse light than what it’s now. But would I like it? Ofc.

    1. Yes and No.
      Yes, in a sense that they don’t want to be competitive anymore after the wonderful relationship they’ve had with Nintendo at the start of the Switch Era. So really, Nintendo just buttered them up to possible bring games like Forza, Halo and so on to more than just the Xbox brand.

      No, in a sense that they’ll still make console, but they won’t be your typical systems and instead almost be mini-gaming PCs that people can buy for cheap that are really designed to play EVERY GAME rather than just console games. Plus, streaming consoles.

  2. So there’s even less reason to get an Xbone now? Did they realize their lack of exclusives or something?

      1. Xbone hasn’t had an exclusive since 2015, it’s PC that has exclusives, most people just happen to have Windows 10, which is also owned by Microsoft.

        And honestly haven’t heard anything since Mojang, but I haven’t been keeping track of what studios anyone’s been buying.

  3. Sony doesn’t even want cross play . So no way you gonna be downloading Xbox one and Xbox 360 and og Xbox game to a PS4 or ps5 or switch or whatever else Nintendo comes out with . Funny how people take everything phil spencer days literally. If they tried to put game pass on ps5 it would be the end of the Xbox brand cause Ms seems to forget without the Xbox console play anywhere and all that other stuff does not work. And with out console customers the other stuff dead

    1. Actually, Sony Interactive might be changing their stance on cross play. Last I heard, it’s relegated to Fortnite right now, though, but baby steps I guess. (I hate baby steps. Nintendo is annoying with doing those, but I guess it’s better than not trying at all.)

  4. Microsoft spearheaded everything wrong in the gaming industry from paying a second fee besides your internet bill to play console games online to microtransactions, games as a service, and destroying single player focused games by pushing for multiplayer focused only games. Microsoft is a virus plaguing the gaming industry and I hate microsoft for ruining video games!

  5. Every device most likely means things like the Xbox, PC, smartphones, tablets. People expecting Xbox games to show up on competing consoles are blowing this out of proportion. It’s just expanding on something that’s kind of already been here. (Xbox Play Anywhere)

    Also, what sense would it even make to do that when Microsoft is still in the console market and literally released the One X a year ago? They wouldn’t be making consoles if they wanted games on the PS4.

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