Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, Xbox’s Phil Spencer And PlayStation’s Shawn Layden Appeared On Stage Together At The Game Awards

During The Game Awards 2018 in Los Angeles, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on stage alongside Sony’s Shawn Layden and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer to welcome the audience. According to Nintendo, the executives decided to come together to represent the unified gaming community. You can check out an image of the trio in the embedded post below:



  1. I think a lot of people will agree, that this was an extremely disappointing event for Nintendo.
    The build up and hype for something Metroid related has been killed and it feels like a let down.
    There was just nothing apart from more smash.
    Even Microsoft had more to say.

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    1. This over saturation of Smash needs to stop. Even I, a person who loves playing Smash am tired of this. Where is a new 2D Zelda? Where is Prime Trilogy HD? Where is a new Prime 4 Trailer?

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      1. Nintendo is going to push their system seller as hard as they can for the holidays. They’ve been really worried about keeping simple, concise messages with their PR this generation and right now that message is Smash Bros for Christmas. And while most don’t want to hear it, Metroid probably isn’t ready to be shown yet.

        Now I played X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance games a ton, so finding out that UA was back and a Switch exclusive being developed by Team Ninja was pretty awesome.

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      2. @frogopus I get what you mean about advertising Smash everywhere posible but, would it kill them to at least reveal a 2D Zelda? It has been almost 5 years since A Link Between Worlds. In almost 5 years they can’t have a new/remake 2D Zelda?

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      3. @Agato Then why Nintendo revealed Prime 4? They already had revealed Samus Returns in E3 2017 so it wasn’t necesary to reveal Prime 4 if it was so early in development.


    2. I disagree with everything you had to say here. This wasn’t a Nintendo event, Metroid wasn’t obliged to make an appearance and the few Nintendo announcements that we did get were pretty hype for most spectators. This comment section is the twilight zone.

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  2. I didn’t expect Metroid Prime 4 to be revealed. Hoped for it, but it is what it is. They probably will reveal it before the end of the year, or early next year.


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