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Reggie Fils-Aime Says It Wouldn’t Have Been Fair To Show Metroid Prime 4 At E3 2018

A number of Nintendo fans were hoping to see some sort of content related to Metroid Prime 4 at E3 2018, but the long-awaited sequel was a no-show at the recent expo. Nonetheless, its absence is a popular topic among gaming journalists and the community in general. Speaking with Polygon, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime suggested that it wouldn’t have been the right time to showcase the game due to it being far away from launch.

“We believe it is not fair to the fan to repeatedly tease them over time about a game,” Fils-Aime said. “That’s why we tend to focus close in, typically in a six- to nine-month timeframe, and go deep in sharing content and information on a particular piece of content. But right now, for something that’s not launching in 2018, it just wasn’t the right time.”


38 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime Says It Wouldn’t Have Been Fair To Show Metroid Prime 4 At E3 2018”

    1. Think of it like this: Without the announcement, no one would even know that MP4 was being worked on. It’s a little light at the end of a tunnel, even though it might be a long ways off, you still know for certain it’ll be there

    2. All this time waiting, and i don’t mean a year since the E3 2017… I mean since 2007. I know how Mike feels, it’s not anger, it’s the thrill, the excitement.

  1. As much as I’d like another tease, I understand this. Why vaguely show a game we know is coming when you don’t actually have more game to show? It’s like how Death Stranding kept getting weird, non descriptive trailers. Sure they were weird and intriguing, but I wanna play a game for its gameplay and they kept showing none of it (until a couple days ago of course).

    I don’t want Prime 4 to continuously get those kind of trailers. I’ll wait for a real trailer when it’s good and ready

      1. Yeah, but if they’ve got nothing to show why make a trailer? That’s what I was getting at. The hardcore fans will get the game regardless, so it’s just the casual gamer/the people who don’t care too much about it that need to have their attention caught. CG trailers work with that for a bit, but if there’s A) no gameplay go back it up with and B) the release is still a year and half away (give or take a few months probably), then you’ll lose the attention of those people. We’ll get a good trailer for the game when they’re ready to give us one, simple as that. I can wait for that

  2. Well both Yoshi and Metroid Prime 4 was not a no show, but once the development is close on getting done we will hear more about them this year with no delays and excuses.

    1. You are so confused, this game has so many years left in development, we probably wont hear about it next year either. And it will come out earliest 2020.

      1. It doesn’t have “Many years,” left. They’ve said that the estimated date is 2019/2020, so either next year or the year after.

      2. I have an inside guy that says they are actually shooting for February of 2020. He also said they will have a full gameplay trailer ready by next year’s E3. On top of that, he claims that there will another classic style, side scroller Metroid to be announced next year as well. It won’t be a sequel to Metroid Fusion unfortunately. I have a bad feeling that we may never get a sequel to Metroid Fusion. They have put that story on hold for so long, I honestly think they don’t know where to go from there.

  3. It’s true. Being patient with games like Metroid Prime 4 always pays off in a good way.
    Yet, I still believe that a tiny little teaser would have been good.
    Or maybe Nintendo left out that teaser so that the backlash would make Metroid a topic of conversation again, lol.

    1. If all we got after last year’s logo was a teaser this year, there’d be an even bigger backlash. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Showing a game that isn’t ready to be shown is always the worse decision.

  4. They just didn’t handle the whole communication that well. It’s OK that the teased it last year and didn’t show it now. But it’s painfully stupid how they managed this. Bethesda said before ES6 that the following game is coming even after Starfield, which already is very early and then showed a teaser. Noone will complain if we won’t see anything of ES6 in the next 2 years. I mean noone except the usual suspects.
    But Just showing MP4 like that, then letting that E3 happen without just announcing that neither Metroid, nor Yoshi nor Bayonetta will even be mentioned is just a fail. And that’s that’s my main problem; about these 3 games, especially Metroid and Yoshi, it could totally happen that they just get put on ice. Yoshi just got delayed until next year without any note about the progress. Just something like ‘we faced some issues and need to fix them an d need more time’ would be fine. Nintendo after all is a company that uses to put stuff on ice or cancel them if their concepts don’t work out (and that’s a great thing) so who tells us now that this didn’t happen? And Nintendo should just understand that being present at an Expo shouldn’t just be an advertisement opportunity, but exactly the kind of event that would give them the chance to just talk about their projects a bit in a way that makes peuple understand that they’re still alive.

    1. “Noone will complain if we won’t see anything of ES6 in the next 2 years. ”

      I mean, I will. But that’s just because we’d be looking at nearly a 10 year cycle for the next game in the series. But that complaint would have been about not starting development earlier, not how long development takes.

  5. I kinda of understand this, when brawl was first announced I was excited for it and couldn’t wait for it. Give or take a few delays and i was losing my mind each time I was made to wait longer for brawl. To make a quick story shorter teasing gamers and then apologizing for delays will drive people mad

  6. Seems to work for Sony just fine.. how many times did they show and tease games like God of War and The Last of Us 2 and Spiderman, before the games came out? Heck,The last of us 2 has been shown twice at E3 and was shown back in 2016 at Playstation Experience, and still doesn’t have a release date. BotW was shown how many times, and each time the hype just grew. This is a garbage reason. Sorry Reggie, but your body isn’t ready today.

    1. I agree. Many argue that we don’t wanna end up having just a CGI trailer fest with stuff coming out in ages and yes, I can agree, but it’s not one or the other.Nintendo did show a lot of stuff that would come out in near future. The thing is just, I don’t really care about any of these and I guess I’m not alone. A ton of ports and Mario Party can’t just be saved by Smash Bros like that and just adding something for the audience that isn’t into Smash woudl just have done a lot.

      Some argue that Nintendo has always done this at E3 and (while I did like their E3 2017) I can agree, most of the time people have to live with underwhelming presentations but I’m not sure how I should get used to that. It´s not like they can’t do better.

    1. Their E3s are always mediocre more or less…well except last years. So this isnt really anything new tbh. Ive just come to accept it tht they treat E3s like every other Direct.

      1. Directs are usually much better for starters Nintendo directs run longer than a actual Nintendo e3 directs and the directs show off a lot of whole new games where as e3 just wraps it up by giving more info on the game and giving release dates

  7. I honestly didn’t get why people were mad about them not showing anything. We’ve waited 10 years for it, and Nintendo’s working on it. They just announced it, and aren’t gonna spoil anything just to show it at E3, when they likely don’t have much completed yet. I’m perfectly fine waiting till next year to see it, like just be happy it’s in development finally. It’s obvious it wouldn’t have been ready to show anything, and it’s not even coming out anytime soon.

  8. I feel Reggie, Sony has shown the same 3 fucking games in the last 3 E3’s so far, Spider Man being the sore thomb.

  9. Idc about Metroid prime 4 right now I still gotta play the first 3 which I never finished. I was hoping for an announcement on that honestly I’m still hoping they bring them. It would be a missed opportunity if they don’t

  10. I am honestly in no rush for the game to be shown. I know I am super late to this post, but the game is still in development so I still think this post stands. Honestly they can take as much time as they need because I would rather keep waiting for a game to never come out and ruin the franchise, than wasting money and playing a shitty rushed out product just like “Other M” or “metroid prime federation force.” We all know how both of those games were.

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