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Video: Team Sonic Racing IGN Gameplay

Sonic didn’t have a huge presence at E3 2018 this year, but every once in a while, Team Sonic Racing did get a little air time on E3 news coverage streams. The biggest segment for the game took place on IGN’s stream, where they had 10+ minutes of Team Sonic Racing gameplay. IGN’s footage comes from the Playstation 4 version, but it will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. Here’s the video:


7 thoughts on “Video: Team Sonic Racing IGN Gameplay”

  1. This game hasn’t gotten the greatest impressions from those who’ve played it. And only one track in the demo? That’s pretty worrying. I feel like this game is being rushed..

  2. Can we just stop already with this lame question about why Sonic is in a car? It’s not funny or clever, and never was. This is the 7th time Sonic has raced in/on some sort of vehicle.

  3. I’m expecting IGN to instantly bash the game without finishing it or even learning who to play it.

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