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E3 2019 Will Take Place From June 11th To 13th, 2019

E3 2018 has come to a close. 69,200 people attended E3, including 15,000 gamers. 200 exhibitors were on display, and 85 companies were exhibiting at the event for the first time, with 3,250 products being showcased over the course of the expo. Unsurprisingly, the end of an E3 brings the countdown to a new one. We now know that June 11th-13th is when E3 2019 will take place. As usual, the venue will be the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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16 thoughts on “E3 2019 Will Take Place From June 11th To 13th, 2019”

    1. That’s not Nintendo’s sign, that’s E3 who put up the sign.

      Nintendo had an appalling E3. One of the worst I can remember. Not the worst, that belongs to the E3 of Wii Music.

      1. For me the worst E3 is 2015 because it looked like the only franchise that was saved from kiddisy was Zelda. It was one terrible announcement after the other, Star Fox didn’t got a sequel which was what most of the Star Fox fans wanted, Animal Crossing got a stupid Amiibo Festival game that was worse than the Nd Cube Mario Party games, Metroid Prime fans got got insulted by a chibi game that is completely the opposite of what the and Prime Trilogy (and Hunters) is.

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  3. honestly I feel like Nintendo can crush next e3, If they show us Metroid Prime 4, Bayo 3, and mainline Pokemon. Instant win for Nintendo

    1. I enjoyed their event even if it only had 1 (2?) games shown. Their shot at Nintendo & their mini systems was great. They are clearly joking & trying to, y’know, actually be funny; I need to find their event from last year if it was as entertaining as this one. Imagine if their entire 19 minute video was a giant hint that they are working on a Robocop video game, though.

  4. Wasn’t too happy with this last e3 either. It was a mostly Smash Direct and if you’re solid on enough Smash ( like I am) than that’s it.

    My fave announments tho was that awesome looking Mech game they showed first, overcooked 2, and that Killer Queen title.

    The Killer Queen title didn’t impress me at first but I looked into the background of that game and rules and it seems really interesting.

    The only retail games I know I will definitely buy this year are Dark Souls and Octopath Traveller. I’m also very much considering Wolfenstein.

    So that’s that for now.

  5. With Smash coming out in December, thankfully we won’t have to worry about a Smash Direct taking over the E3 2019 Direct next year; we just have to worry about them spending too much time on a different game next year instead.

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