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Major Nintendo Switch Port By Panic Button Should Be Announced Next Month

Variety is reporting that the acclaimed Panic Button, who were behind the DOOM and Wolfenstein ports on the Nintendo Switch, has been busy working on a new port for the Nintendo Switch system. Obviously one could guess it might be Wolfenstein Youngblood which was listed on GameStop’s website for the Nintendo Switch, but whatever it is, it’s sure to please fans of the system.

“We’ve been working on the hardware for a long time, almost six years,” he told Variety in a recent interview. “That’s more than almost any third party.”

During that time Panic Button released original work, but also were the team in charge of bringing “Rocket League,” “Doom,” and soon “Wolfenstein II” to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

He said the company is working on another major port expected to be announced next month.

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31 thoughts on “Major Nintendo Switch Port By Panic Button Should Be Announced Next Month”

  1. ConsulaRodrigoRomero69xXx

    Lords of shadow!
    Anyone know the other Konami game they were going to announce? (Aside from the sports tittle)

      1. Not really, they did say Gameplay would be shown off at Quake Con, so even an announcement of Doom Eternal for Switch next month might be possible

    1. Probably under a contract not to say anything about it until month later or possibly they wanted to reveal it next month

    1. *Complains when the Wii U don’t get 3rd party support*
      *Complains when the Switch does*

      Nintendo fans can be such hypocrites.

      1. Just ignore them, they’re probably one of the people who got salty because Nintendo didn’t announce Animal Crossing on Switch or Metroid Prime 4 gameplay

      2. And that’s why we don’t lump everyone together. I want new titles and heavy hitting exclusives. I couldn’t care less about all these old ports.

  2. I think it’s going to be Wolfenstein: Youngblood, mainly because of the leaks and how Bethesda really didn’t say what platforms the game would come out on

    1. Not gonna lie, I would love to see that, unfortunately I doubt Capcom would allow that considering MHGU is around the corner and Capcom would prefer to give that game as much breathing room as possible.
      It’s probably a game nobody asked for this time, but I hope it’s a Castlevania collection of all of the 2d Castlevania games.

  3. last time major port was being hyped, it was twilight princess hd for wii u.
    good game and all, but a port from previous generation is not my definition of major.

  4. I hope for some big nintendo games like super Mario 3D world, new super Mario bros U(Switch:), twilight princess wind waker HD double pack, ps3 resistance trilogy, dead space trilogy, bioshock trilogy, portal 1 2. Ahhh som many great possible ports :) :) :)

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