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Super Mario Party Will Include Online Play In Mario Fun Mode For Minigames Only

Super Mario Party will be the first of its kind to include a mode that allows players to play online with friends and strangers. Announced during the Nintendo Treehouse stream earlier today, Mario Fun mode can be played locally or online, allowing you to play 80 minigames in freeplay. Unfortunately, that means the mode won’t include online for board games (we’re piecing our broken hearts back together right now).

In Mario Fun mode, players will be able to face off against others in five consecutive minigames. Leaderboards and a ranking system will feature, alongside rewards for joining in on the fun. Thankfully, Mario Fun mode is a big step for Nintendo when it comes to adding online play to the Mario Party franchise. Super Mario Party will be released for the Switch on October 5th.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

24 thoughts on “Super Mario Party Will Include Online Play In Mario Fun Mode For Minigames Only”

    1. I guess they don’t want people waiting long periods of time while someone else is taking their turn.

      It’s still really fantastic that they finally have online in a Mario Party game.

      If the game ends up being worth while I’ll definitely be picking this up. Especially since I usually just play the mini games once all of them are unlocked anyways.

      1. Yeah, I agree on that part. But it will still feel a bit awkward to play 5 mini games and call it a session, in my opinion.

    1. Not necessarily at least to me. The game doesn’t look quite right from what I’ve see of the Treehouse gameplay. The car wasn’t the only issue of 9 and 10 you know.

  1. These games are better with couch co-op anyways. Is it really that hard to invite people over to play something like this?

    1. Some of us have friends from overseas we would like to play with. The friends I know locally are all about Smash and I’m lucky to get them to play Mario Kart.

  2. This is very good, all I really wanted from online was the ability to play the minigames anyway. The board game is more fun in person. Day 1 for me thanks to this announcement. Definitely a step in the right direction and I support that.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why this is called SUPER Mario Party, instead of Mario Party 11. Is it just because it has an online mode? Or because getting rid of that crappy car thing was super? Hehe. I really want this, since I own all 10 Mario Party games. But man, having to use the Joy-Cons is a major problem for me. But I might still give it a chance. In honor of my love for Nintendo, and my love for this series. : D

  4. YES! I was hoping for this for so long! :D
    IDC if it’s only minigames, that is understandable, as it is a time consuming turn based board game, so people may disconnect after a while.
    On the other hand they could have simply put a condensed version of the main play style into the online mode — like, “First to get a star wins!”, or “Defeat Bowser” — all this, on a main level/board and maybe rolling double dice to boost the pacing.

  5. So close yet still so far… Maybe if there comes a day where I can have a couple of people over every once & awhile to play this with, I might consider getting it for my Switch. Til then, no thanks. Least on the bright side this game should be easy to buy used for dirt cheap by that time. Or maybe a sequel will come where they do add online for board games.

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