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Character Animations In Mario Tennis Aces Show Off Their Unique Personalities

In true Nintendo style, Mario and co. show off some serious flair when playing on court in Mario Tennis Aces. In fact, we’re so amused by Blooper’s flop-to-the-court motion when he gets beaten, that we’re ready for him to turn into an internet meme sensation. Watch out, Luigi, Blooper’s on the move!

Demonstrated on the Nintendo Treehouse, fans were shown a variety of courts with several characters in play. Koopa Troopa is the resident speedster and moves around the court by sliding into his shell to pop out moments later to take the shot. However, he’ll take a lot of knockback due to his size. On the other hand, Blooper’s tricky flair gives him an insane curve ball action; incredibly handy with obstructions on the court. Daisy and Waluigi both have great victory dances, prancing around the court with their hands in the air. The melodrama on defeat with Daisy and Waluigi is a particular treat, with both wallowing in dismay.

Both Koopa Troopa and Blooper will be available as free DLC characters later this year, with the former available to everyone on August 1st and the latter in September. Mario Tennis Aces arrives on Nintendo Switch next week.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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