E3 2018: Mr. Kimishima And New Leader Of Nintendo Mr. Furukawa Check Out Mario Tennis Aces

It’s the final day of E3 2018 and it’s been quite a ride. Nintendo of America has snapped a lovely photo of Mr. Kimishima and new leader of Nintendo Mr. Furukawa playing a spot of Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch using single Joy-Cons. Take a look at both of them in action down below.




  1. No video? I guess it really was just a temporary position. I remember seeing that “Project Giant Robot” with Reggie, bill trinnen as the cardboard gundam and the Regginator duking it out in a really slow anticlimactic battle. It was amusing because it was very Nintendo. Strange how that cardboard robot ended up actually making a very cardboard series.

  2. Is Shuntaro Furukawa already named President of Nintendo or they are saving this for when E3 Tree House ends today? It was supposed to be named during Nintendo E3 right?

  3. The reason why I ask is because I haven’t seen any mention when he is/was named President of Nintendo.

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