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Digital Foundry Tackle Latest DOOM Nintendo Switch Patch

The latest game to be analysed by the team at Digital Foundry is the previously released DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. You may have seen that the game received an update which apparently has tweaked how the game runs on the system. Digital Foundry has put DOOM Version 1.2 through its paces and you can check out the results below.

  • Resolution is every so slightly improved to 1080*720
  • Cube maps have been added that are accurate to the scene (no enemy reflections)
  • Frame-rate might be improved, but seems the same due to margin of error
  • Not mentioned in the video, but added video capture us added in the latest patch



  1. Digital Foundry is interesting. I can’t think of a porting studio that has become this well known for GOOD reasons.

      1. Ha, yeah my brain did something weird there. I definitely meant Panic Button. Children have consumed my brain power.

    1. Panic Button? Yeah I’m happy to see at least one studio get properly credited for doing this kind of work exceptionally well.
      Especially knowing what happens when the wrong people are given the job, but in these cases it stands on its own.

  2. Would have been good to have an Halo game with these assets instead of this ‘undead’ and ‘gore’ setting. Graphics is very good and scenarios too. Never considered a Doom after those bitmap games, don’t like too much gore, but a polite Halo definitely yes.

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