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Rumour: Legendary Looking At Doing Two New Pokemon Movies

Legendary, the studio behind the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie, are rumoured to be looking to create at least two new movies set in the Pokemon universe. The studio has apparently been wowed by the initial response to the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie and want to create more titles set in the Pokemon universe. These movies are rumoured to be based on Pokemon Red/Blue and a Mewtwo movie.

We now have word that two new movies are in development for the franchise. The first has been widely reported to be a spinoff about powerful psychic Mewtwo (this appears to be a separate project from Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, the CGI remake of the first Pokémon film). And the second, according to one of our trusted sources, is an adaptation of the games that launched the franchise: Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

From what we understand, the project’s intended to be set in the Detective Pikachu universe, but will only have minor connections to that film’s plot. Legendary’s hope though is that they can use the movie as a springboard towards launching a cinematic universe of live-action Pokémon films, so expect the hype levels around the project to be astronomic


24 thoughts on “Rumour: Legendary Looking At Doing Two New Pokemon Movies”

  1. I hope they get more sifi. The Pokemon world has lots of tech. Pokemon centers are basicly prefab pod buildings.

    Also i hope it shows the socialism aspect, as well as the trainer law enforcement. Pokemon is so much deeper that just the monsters and battles

    1. You know what else it should show? Pokemon actually eating OTHER Pokemon. Or at least strongly hint or allude to it. It’s time Nintendo accepts the fact that adults love this franchise, too, and would like something of Pokemon to grow up a little with them. They can do more adult themes while still keeping it family friendly.

      1. I don’t know if you’ve seen the recent trailer, but the very end of it shows a Charizard about to swallow Detective Pikachu, and it looks like it’s more than your standard Bite/Crunch attack from the games.

        1. Love that fucking trailer! But yeah, hopefully Charizard was actually trying to eat Detective Pikachu. I’m totally game for a Pokemon live action movie franchise made more for us adults than for the kids (which can be done while still keeping it family friendly. If parents want their kids to watch a Pokemon movie that doesn’t have any adult themes, there’s quite a few animated Pokemon movies with Ash (ugh) they can let their kids watch. Then there is the cartoon.

  2. If they do make a movie based off Red/Blue, they`d have to have the main character be a mute, or use textboxes to convey the thoughts of the main character

    1. No. Just no. This stupid request keeps getting brought up every time a live action Legend of Zelda movie talk happens, too. It’s one thing when done for a game where you want the character to be an avatar for the person playing, but it’s kind of boring when done in a movie. Now if you want the main character of a Pokemon Red/Blue/Green movie or a Zelda movie to be a character of very few words that only talks when it’s absolutely needed, I’m perfectly happy with that idea.

      Speaking of Zelda, it’s time to stop letting a shitty cartoon & shitty CDi games scare us out of wanting to see a talking Link. He clearly talks in the games so he’s not a bloody mute.

  3. I just hope it is as good as Pokemon Origins, very far from Pokemon main TV Show, to avoid comparations and fail predisposition like most anime and videogame adaptation.

  4. I doubt they’ll be able to squeeze the entirety of the plot of the Pokemon Red/Blue games into a single 2 and a half hour movie- hell, they probably can’t do it in a trilogy. Not unless they want to risk having a bunch of missing information or continuity errors (main character travels to Celadon City from Vermilion City to battle the Gym Leader, sends out a Graveler he didn’t have in the previous fight- when the hell did he get that?).

    1. Well they could do it if they don’t mind making around 8-10 films which is something I wouldn’t mind at all. Harry Potter got up to 8 films (would have been 7 if the 7th book was just one film,) and the MCU is over the 10 limit.

      1. I think they split Deathly Hallows into two parts because they wanted to leave *nothing* out. Unlike earlier film adaptations (coughcoughChamberofSecretscough). I don’t know, I still haven’t seen any HP movie past Goblet of Fire and haven’t read the books.

        There’s a limit for sequels/entries for series and it’s 10? I’m not mocking, I’m genuinely curious because I’ve never heard that.

        1. Other than the MCU & James Bond films (both franchises with over 15 films set in one single continuity,) not many other movie franchises have made it past 10 or 11 films set in the original continuity.

          But that aside, to answer your question, that’s the number of movies I think they should make if they want the main character to tackle 1 gym per movie with films 9 and 10 focusing on the Pokemon League itself. If they go the anime route with it being a tournament, they would definitely need a 9th & 10th film for the Pokemon League. If they go by the games, I think a 9th film is enough for the League.

          Honestly, I think it’s too early to be talking about 10 films, though. For all we know, Detective Pikachu could bomb very hard at the Box Office & scare Nintendo, GameFreak, & The Pokemon Company away from letting Legendary continue with more movies based on the Red/Blue/Green games.

          1. So it’s not really a limit, more of a threshold that doesn’t get surpassed often.

            And yeah, honestly, I don’t see a Pokemon Red/Blue movie working in under at least 8 parts- 9+ would be ideal.

            I’m not sure how Detective’s going to do- it could be a delightful surprise that people come to see twice or more (like Deadpool 2 or Infinity War) or it could continue WB’s string of mediocre/underwhelming films, like Crimes of Grindelwald (the theater I work at had it for only 3 weeks before we dropped it because people weren’t coming to see it). It’s too far out from release to tell.

            1. I want to see Crimes of Grindelwald. I wanted to see it in theaters since it seems Johnny Depp’s film career might be taking a nose dive off of a cliff thanks to the whole Amber Heard thing & with his mother passing, so I wanted to see a movie with him in it at least once before that happens. I’d rather it be a Pirates of the Caribbean movie but apparently Disney is rebooting it & a final sequel to the last movie with Depp might not happen and if it does, the rumor is Depp won’t be in it as Captain Jack Sparrow (big mistake.)

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