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Japan: Splatoon 2 Demo And New Weapons Announced

Earlier today Nintendo announced on Twitter that Nintendo Switch owners in Japan who don’t own the excellent Splatoon 2 will be able to download a demo to give them a taster of what to expect and save data can be transferred to the full game. The same demo has not been announced just yet for the west. The demo will be released in Japan on the 26th of March and there will be a free Nintendo Switch Online trial. The company also stated on Twitter that 10 new weapons will be making their way to Splatoon 2 throughout the year. Splatfests will continue until July 2019.

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15 thoughts on “Japan: Splatoon 2 Demo And New Weapons Announced”

      1. That or Splatoon isn’t as big as it appeared to be now that there is some actual competition for it. For the ones that love Splatoon, it’d be a shame if it got this far out of pure luck because there wasn’t much else to play.

      2. And also the skill cap is way to high for new players. It’s kinda lame to get into a match of turf with 2 Level 90 *stars who are bored and wanna own some new players because they are bored with ranked.

        Next game Splatoon 3 should have Ranked on all playstyles and turfs.

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  3. Okay so Smash Bros is getting bumped to 2.0 and now this?
    Admittedly this is a little far-fetched but does anyone feel like this is building up to a Nintendo Direct?

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  5. And they said Splatoon 2 would only receive new content within its first year. Here we are a year and a half later and it’s still getting some stuff. It’s just too bad there’s no more stages- I was really hoping Urchin Underpass and Flounder Heights would come back.

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