The Nintendo Wii Shop Channel Is Shutting Down Today

After 13 years of life, Nintendo is officially shutting down the Wii Shop Channel. The channel launched in December 2006, one month after the Nintendo Wii released in North America. Since the channel’s launch, Nintendo has released 2 more home consoles, as well as the 3DS handheld. Nintendo announced the closure on September 29th, 2017.



      1. Same here. I thought The Nintendo Wii Shop Channel ceased from operating after the release of Wii U. Since then, I never bothered visiting it. Now that it’s official, I’m kinda curious of what will become of the Wiis loaded with digital games. RIP Wii shop.


    1. The Wii shop channel was actually even accessible from the Wii U’s Wii mode, so it would have been very weird if they had closed it earlier. You could still purchase WiiWare games on your Wii U. Only makes sense that they kept the shop alive for at least the lifetime of the Wii U.

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  1. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
    Dr. Mario Online Rx
    My Pokémon Ranch
    Jett Rocket
    Fast Racing League

    It’s unfortunate that the exclusive WiiWare games like those will no longer be available to people who want to play them outside of piracy sites.


      1. I’m pretty sure it’s going to just present a network error when you try to launch the shop. Otherwise the shop would still be running and they’d just be disabling any new purchases.


      1. I mean its not necessarily about the quality of the games though. This is the first time I can think of since the rise of downloadable games that a company said “You know what? I know this is the only place these games exist, but lets just get rid of them.”

        They don’t even really have a good reason to do it. The Wii Shop was pretty much just a website and it linked to the same ecommerce database that the Switch, Wii U, and 3DS linked to so it pretty much cost them nothing to run.

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  2. I miss those days when Nintendo Wii was release worldwide and had its first commercial and i got that console in 2007 with Super Mario Galaxy with it. Good times. I wish i can go back to those days again.


  3. RiiP
    Such a cool app. The music, the content, the design and aesthetic were all so perfect… the current e-Shop has a long way to go to even match the potential of the Wii-Shop.


  4. I know that most people don’t care. However this is really a shame. I understand why Nintendo is doing it but we are going to loose many games. Likely to never be seen or played again, by most. Many of the games weren’t on other systems/pc, and they never found homes on Wii U or Switch. Most are shovelware but there are some gems. Ultimately, it’s still video game history. A chunk of our gamer lives gone. A generation, digitally, forgotten. every game you used to think, I should get that sometime, or I liked the demo, let’s try it. Gone. A few may (or already have) found new life. Ports, deluxe versions (talking to you Tomorrow People), enhanced. But most will never see the light of day again because Nintendo didn’t see them as profitable to keep. RIP, wiiware shop and hundreds of games. You are already missed. 😥

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    1. To be fair, the sad truth is you can’t play your physical game, either, if you lose the game cart/cartridge/disc it was on. And if it’s an old game, there is a chance you may never find it again. Least not for a cheap price, anyway.


      1. I never heard of a cartridge that broke. And CDs don’t break either, if you take care. But if your Wii stops working, which is out of your control, all your stored games are gone.


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