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Latest Nintendo Switch Firmware Was Cracked In Roughly 4 Hours

We received the latest Nintendo Switch firmware update on Monday and it looks like the hacking community has already cracked it. Hacker ‘elmirorac’ announced on Twitter that the 7.0.0 update was cracked in roughly four hours which won’t please Nintendo who have been actively working against the hacking community. So it has inevitably turned into a game of cat and mouse.


36 thoughts on “Latest Nintendo Switch Firmware Was Cracked In Roughly 4 Hours”

  1. This is insane. This just opens the possibility to cheat in multi-player games. And there’s piracy too. I strongly believe that it’s ok to freely do whatever you want that makes you happy as long as no one gets stepped on. I hope these people are white hats.

    1. Generally people aren’t doing this to cheat in multiplayer games, it’s for homebrew and understanding how the hardware works for emulation. You’d have to modify specific games in order to cheat in multiplayer games.

    2. It’s literally impossible to cheat in online multiplayer games. It’s impossible to play online with custom firmware let alone with hacked game files. Nintendo auto-bans users when they try connecting to their servers.

      1. Not only is it absolutely possible, but it has actually already happened. Splatoon 2, for example, is said to have quite poor anti-cheat measures and suffers from hackers quite a lot.

    3. I completely disregard piracy but it shows the amount of people that wants a traditional VC that Nintendo completely ignores. I mean, there are some that just hack it to play older titles.

    4. I completely disregard piracy but it shows the amount of people that wants a traditional VC that Nintendo completely ignores. I mean, there are some that just hack it to play older titles.

  2. Most hackers are complete losers.
    Pretty sad that some people suck SO bad at games that they have to cheat in order to put up a fight.
    But, if you’re just doing harmless mods, you’re fine.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry. Can YOU beat Nightmare King Grimm, Trial of the Fool, and every Pantheon in Hollow Knight?

      And don’t even get me started with BotW.

      1. I’m sorry but if you have to hack a game to instantly become better at something theres usually no feeling of acomplishment of said game, modding and hacking are like two different things

      2. I can understand wanting to power through some games. There are some single player games where I’d be perfectly happy god-modding the entire game & just plow through EVERYTHING that dares to get in my way with no resistance.

        “You stand no chance against me, peons, for I am… A GOD!!” *sigh* I miss using cheat codes & utterly decimating everything in the Turok games…

    2. Clearly you’ve never met a hacker or have any idea what they do.

      For the last three generations people have been hacking Nintendo systems to figure out how they work and to play homebrew or emulated games. Some people will also those same hacks for piracy but no body is using any of these exploits to extend their e-peen. You’d need to hack individual games to cheat in them anyway.

      On another note, it’s because of hackers that people were able to use Wii Remotes to create smart boards for classrooms and it was hackers that figured out how to allow people to use the Wii U Gamepads for things like robotics and things like that.

      But by all means, continue to make broad generalizations about the intents of programmers and computer scientists that are just applying what they learned in school to video game systems.

  3. Good.

    It serves them right for their Piranha Plant code fuck up and their online service.

    Power to the actual fans.

  4. If it means getting back basic features like backing up saves to an SD card or launching a physical game without downloading its update, I’m all for it.

  5. Funny thing is… Nintendo wouldn’t have to fight this tooth and nail if they just listened to fans and implemented the features that people want in the first place.

    1. Hard to turn a profit when features fans want every single NES, SNES, etc games for free for life.
      Oh, and to not lose at Splatoon 2 and Smash.

  6. I don’t give a damn about hackers and certainly many people feel the same way when visiting video game sites. We come to this site to read about our beloved video games and not about illegal activities. Thank you.

  7. For some reason, hackers tend to be generalized as awful people who cheat others. Some do, but a lot of them also benefit the community, improve upon things, better understand the updates and hardware, etc. Nintendo refuses to give its userbase access to the virtual console, and does not give us features that should be on a system in 2019. I say go for it.

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