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The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 7.0.0

Nintendo has released a new update for the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware. The console’s firmware is now at version 7.0.0. What may surprise you is that this update didn’t add any new features. However, there are 6 new New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe icons for users, as well as some added language support. The patch notes can be seen down below.

  • Select from six new New Super Mario Bros.™ U Deluxe icons for your user
    • To edit your user icon, head to your My Page > Profile on the top left of the HOME menu
  • Added additional language support to the HOME Menu for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Korean
    • To change the language, head to the System Settings > System > Language
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience


42 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 7.0.0”

      1. That’s a great idea. I also hope that this update comes with custom themes. I wonder what else the Version 7.0.0 Nintendo Switch Firmware will add or remove. I just wish that it has something to do also with giving their competitive online multiplayer games an improved online, with dedicated servers.

    1. Supreme Leader, I take full responsibility
      Our strategy must now change.

      The weapon… it is ready. I believe the time has come to use it.

      We shall destroy Xbots that supports the Resistance…the Republic. Without their friends to protect them, the Resistance will be vulnerable, and we will stop them before they reach Microsoft.

    1. Nintendo is pretty boring company after iwata, fanboys are in denial. Look at Apple after Steve Jobs.

      Only matter of time before people finally stop being arrogant and admit they could have better time instead of dreaming about what if.

      It ain’t gonna happen folks. Only naive children and man children think so, reality proves otherwise.
      Look in the past 2 see the future.

      Don’t let me tell you, I told you so, I told you so.

    1. You always have excuses for your abusive relationship with Nintendo.

      Multi billionaire companies are safe AND boring

      1. Like you really need the system UI for learning English. It’s more than enough to learn from the games themselves, and if absolutely every other system UI is in Norwegian (Windows, Android, PS4 etc) the kids will have learned those few English words by the time they actually need them. It’s more important they understand what they’re pressing so they don’t do stuff like accidentally wipe the system or something.
        And yeah, Nordic language should be supported. Need my ÆØÅ

    1. Xenoblade 2 char aren’t even playable in Smash. Instead this Ultimate game seems like not everyone is here.

      Guess you need more DLC

  1. Wow. This is what you’d expect from a decimal number update, not a whole number update. (Least not this early in a system’s life.) With that in mind, this update is pretty crappy. “Here’s some “New” Super Mario Bros Clone #5 icons! Oh & some language packs that should have been on the Switch from day 1. Oh & more “stability” improvements, too!” I guess the Switch’s UI is doomed to look as basic & as boring as it’s always been. :/

  2. Maybe they should put in some Metriod Icons, because at least you would get something Metriod on you 300 dollars Nvidia 2015 chipset plastic box.

    Feel sorry for everyone who invested in hardware for a wallpaper on E3.

    Nintendo won E3 with Metriod, remember ? Ain’t gonna fool me again with your logo’s and fools hyping up.

    1. Nintendo won e3 with mario odyssey that same year metroid prime 4 was announce odyssey was one of the most play games there, best to keep your mouth shut other than spewing your false and toxic information about certain things, I mean at least be a good troll if your going to be one your trying way too hard to get by, your life span here will probably be about 5 or 6 months or even shorter for a mediocre troll like you

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