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Damon Baker Moves To Xbox Team

Damon Baker, who was the head of third party relations over at Nintendo America, has announced today that he has joined the Xbox team over at Microsoft. His job role will be similar to the one he left at Nintendo as he will be evaluating all second and third party content on the Xbox One and its successor, which is expected to launch next year.

54 thoughts on “Damon Baker Moves To Xbox Team”

    1. I think he’s finally fulfilled his duty at Nintendo of America. I wish him the best of luck at Microsoft although I find it strange. He’s one of the major talents of NoA along with Senior Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen and the current president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America Reginald Fils-Aimé. I wonder who will fill in his seat as Nintendo’s head of partner management.

    2. Supreme Leader GuKingOfHeart, I take full responsibility
      Our strategy must now change.

      The weapon… it is ready. I believe the time has come to use it.

      We shall destroy Xbots that supports the Resistance…the Republic. Without their friends to protect them, the Resistance will be vulnerable, and we will stop them before they reach Microsoft.

    1. Wonder how much they paid him to steal confidential infos about the switch succès ??? Anyway I have infiltrated Mariocop’s Agents inside the xbothq and will keep à Metroid eye on him!!! Îm watching u mr Baker O_O

  1. He’s a human who was probably offered a better position. I’m positive any one of us would take the better paying position if we were given the chance.

    Congrats Mr Baker, you did an amazing job at Nintendo, thanks for your services.

      1. You’re comparing without the details. Surely you wouldn’t be a secretary for $14/hr at Nintendo vs. the CEO of Microsoft making a hundred million dollars a year and having the power to turn the company into something you admire right?

        Ok, so, there’s SOME point at which the difference is large enough to be worth taking. That’s assuming there’s no personal cause. Maybe he has close friends at Microsoft. Maybe he has a bad relationship with a boss at Nintendo. Who knows?

      2. Admiration doesn’t pay bills or a mortgage. As an adult, I would never pass up on an opportunity to not only place myself in a better position financially, but to also build my profile to get better chances in the future.

    1. How is that a huge problem? At least now he’ll be evaluating games which will actually sell on the platform. Plus now he’ll be evaluating indie games AND triple A games.

      Also MS does actually have a lot of first party franchises. Forza, Halo, Gears of War, Minecraft, and Fable are the most popular ones but they also own a whole bunch that they haven’t done anything with in a while.

    2. And don’t forget we are talking about a company who’ve killed so many great licenses like PERFECT DARK …. meh

      1. I partly blame Nintendo for that. They could have shared Rare with Microsoft & both made a great dev team for both their family of systems. Microsoft could have been involved with the internet side of things for Rare’s games (they do have the better internet of Xbox, PlayStation, AND Nintendo) and Nintendo could have helped keep some of Rare’s games alive on their system that Microsoft didn’t want. It would have been a win/win for all 3 companies.

    1. wait, at last Quadraxis did something?

      He is like the Zapp Brannigan (IRL he is like the gender bender) of the Nintendo fans, his fights are pure fiction and his “victories” on this web site are lies, remember that other people here fight the trolls while he keeps role playing.

  2. To bad Nintendo isn’t close to my house, I am looking for A job and I would be happy working for Nintendo doing that.

  3. So far it’s not like his replacement at Nintendo is doing such a bad job, so I wish him all the best and just hope Switch’s quality of indiegames can stay that high. He really helped creating something huge and everyone should aknowledge that.

    1. Thankfully some of these people are probably joking. There might be one or two that are being dead serious about the “traitor” thing, though. Or they could be just role playing. (I’d prefer the latter over the former. Least if they are role playing, they probably aren’t serious, either.)

      1. No, quadraxis and the other were justo people after the same goal.

        unfortunately quadraxis enjoys claiming other person victories as his own, look back at classic MNN and you’ll see that other people Such as Nintendo is my blood, heyitsguy among others were the ones defending.

        But all the credit goes to NintenMau5, lol, thanks to him people confirmed quadraxis’ ID.

  4. What a culture difference! Suppose this guy left Nintendo on his own decision, not being fired. In Japan this might happen, but normally by reasons other than money. And the person will not make a ‘proud’ and ‘honored’ announcement like this. If people leaves a company just for a better paid position, then skilled man power is often biased towards the large companies. That’s probably one reason of the large amount of small and moderate size companies in Japan.

    1. He released a statement about how proud and honored he was to work at Nintendo too. And both Nintendo and Microsoft are big companies, it may not have been all about the money. I’m sure he’s trading a six-figure salary and a nice office for another six-figure salary and a nice office. Microsoft’s been stepping their game up as of late and seem really dedicated to the gaming community. They’ve purchased several studios to develop exclusive games, and I think now they’re trying to get help securing good games from third parties and maybe Baker wants to be a part of Xbox’s future success.

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