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22 Months On The Market Nintendo Switch Shipped 32.27 Million Units

In just twenty two months the Nintendo Switch has already shipped an impressive 32.27 million units and currently shows no signs of slowing down as consumers flock to try out the hybrid. Analyst Daniel Ahmad has uploaded a graph showing how the Nintendo Switch compares to other console hardware, when launch aligned.


11 thoughts on “22 Months On The Market Nintendo Switch Shipped 32.27 Million Units”

    1. Yeah, I agree. Nintendo and its popular hybrid gaming system seem to never disappoint us with their Market performance. And it doesn’t stop even after almost 2 years. My only concern about them is their Switch’s vulnerability to hacks. Not really a big deal if you just want to see Princess Zelda from BOTW on a bikini. Although extremely rare or not ever happening at all, hacking to cheat on its online multiplayer games might ruin the Switch. –>

      Regardless, I love Nintendo and I love the Switch!

    1. yes where it is… the start from the Wii U was not that bad…
      Hmmm the ps1 had a hard start… I didn’t know that.
      I thought it was a lot better but after one year… Jesus :-)

  1. Xbox is about to be surpassed, and as always they will lose once again. NINTENDO and Sony domination.


  2. PS1 had a very slow pace, looks like it was too much costly for the time (and not versatile like PS2 as a DVD player). Strangely PS4 had a great start, what was so good about it? And what is it? Isn’t just a glorified PC like PS3? It’s the demonstration that Sony broke it by selling PS3 at 500/600$. You can’t go higher than 400$, and 300$ is better.

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