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Nintendo Says Mario Kart Tour For Mobile Now Coming Summer 2019

The long-awaited mobile version of the Mario Kart series which is titled Mario Kart Tour has been delayed. Mario Kart Tour was initially meant to be released this April, but Nintendo has stated today that it is now scheduled for the summer. The reason for the delay is simply that the company wants to provide Mario Kart fans with the best experience.

Thanks to Kam for the news tip!

11 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Mario Kart Tour For Mobile Now Coming Summer 2019”

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    1. Obviously, it’s going to be mobile. As far as I know, Mario Kart Tour is the second mobile Mario game. The side-scrolling, auto-runner mobile game “Super Mario Run” was released 3 years ago. I think this game serves as an exhibition for mobile players to tell them what they’re missing from Nintendo. The game is pretty awesome to me. It should attract mobile gamers. After all, it’s a Mario game.

    1. I doubt we’ll see MK9 on Switch since Nintendo seems adamant about sticking with one Mario Kart per system, because the main thing Mario Kart does with each new iteration is utilize each system’s new tech and abilities.

      Novel ahead:

      For SNES, it was the use of Mode 7 which was big at the time as well as establishing what would eventually become a longstanding franchise. MK64 doubled the amount of human players as well as allowed for more convoluted tracks such as Yoshi Valley as such tracks were impossible to do on previous hardware. Super Circuit was the first portable Mario Kart and did multiplayer by link cables, also allowing each player their own screen in the process. Double Dash had LAN play which allowed up to 16 players, or 8 human teams given the gameplay mechanic of 2 riders per kart. MKDS used both screens to full effect- the top screen showed the action and relevant immediate info such as placement while the bottom screen could toggle between a full course map or zooming in for a detailed look at your current position as well as reveal what items players had, and perhaps more notably, the first Kart to go online though in limited capacity. MKWii fleshed out the online gameplay and made it less limiting, and introduced motion control which would become another staple in every MK following. MK7 used the 3D effect and was the first portable Kart to have more accurate steering thanks to the circle pad- something Super Circuit and MKDS couldn’t have due to the directional pad being the only movement input. MK8 was the first to be rendered in HD, something Nintendo systems could not do until that point. MK8Deluxe works in both docked and handheld/tabletop Switch modes and allows players to use one Joy-Con each.

      But the most important part of my argument mostly lies on Nintendo’s latest machine: the Switch. If MK9 releases on Switch, what technical aspects of the device could the game take advantage of that 8 Deluxe doesn’t already do? You could argue that there are always new gameplay mechanics that could be employed, but that goes for ANY game, but as far as utilizing all available abilities Switch can do, there’s nothing left. This does not include Labo which COULD have been new for MK9, but Nintendo updated Deluxe to be compatible, thus rendering its validity as a new technical aspect irrelevant.

      Deluxe has a better chance of just getting new DLC tracks and characters at this time; the question is, where the hell are they?

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