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Nintendo Preparing At Least One Unannounced Switch Game That “Fans Would Be Delighted To Know”

Nintendo obviously has plenty of unannounced and announced titles in the pipeline for the Nintendo Switch system. However, Nintendo has teased that at least one of them will be a title that Nintendo fans would be “delighted to know”. Oh, Nintendo, you are such a tease. Which game is it you hope they are talking about?

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    1. I should bloody well hope so!!!

      F-ZERO SX

      It’s been 15 years!!! Cmon Ninty Mario kart 8 has been meh for a while now we need a proper racer!

      1. Here’s the thing as well. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is selling so well, that I doubt Mario Kart 9 will be on Switch. That leaves the development team a chance at working on F Zero instead. Not getting my hopes up though, just in case.

        1. Mario kart 8 has had its time, either add a shedload of new content for it (goes against it being “deluxe”) or make 9 … I know it selling well but grrr lol … We need F-ZERO!!!

      2. I want a F-ZERO game too. They had us waiting again for Metroid Prime 4. They could at least compensate for the delay by bringing F-ZERO. After all, the Switch is still in its prime.

        1. The switch could be so much more! Old franchises fans love are dying or dead, they need to be revived!

  1. i think they need to get the finger out and start communicating better with gamers and investers, oh something is coming some time in the future, im all a fluter with excitement , for fuck sake

  2. Lets see we have no new Kirby Game coming out, but that’s already had a title for the switch. Honestly this should be Pikmin 4 with a triology of Pikmim 1-3.

    Also want to see Ocarina / MM sometime in HD for the Switch.

    My guess is Pikmin

      1. That’s an interesting point as well! But knowing it was originally for Wii U. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed it up drastically. As Pikmin “3” was tested on both the DS, and Wii before making it to Wii U

  3. It literally says something everyone will like judging from that it doesn’t sound like any of those titles the people listed above it may be a new IP that uses alot of genere like action, racing, adventure, rpg and etc or maybe a new mii game that is somewhat like wii sports and wii sports resorts upgrade everyone did like those titles and they did sell extremely well

    1. That’s the thing. It doesn’t say “everyone” it says “fans”, meaning it could appeal mainly to core gamers. Nintendo is often really off base when it comes to what consumers want, but the wording has me really optimistic.

  4. I want a new Pokémon mystery dungeon or Pokémon ranger game!! I really doubt that’s what they’re hinting at though

    1. If only. Last week I started a new save in Cubivore, after sitting in my game disc binder for at least 10 years. I forgot how much I like this game~

  5. Prequel to Breath of the Wild using the same world, engine but all the towns n stuff are still standing with the miracle at Fort Hateno as the final battle. Well at least I’d be delighted with that 😝. My guess? MK9. The lack of DLC on a game selling tons and is “new” to anyone who missed the Wii U version makes me think all the resources have gone into a new Mario Kart. Though F-Zero is sorely missed by this ol’ gamer.

    1. Wow, talk about a left field guess. Well, it is a game that would make some of Ninty’s fans “delighted.”

  6. Hmm, not sure, maybe a Zelda, Nintendo have realeased a Zelda game pretty much every 2 years, def won’t be a main follow up to botw, maybe a top down.
    F Zero would be so ace.
    Please not a sports game.

  7. With how hard I’m crossing my fingers for F-Zero, they might snap in twain.

    Note, they just said “fans”. They never said which ones. Literally anything could be on the table here.

  8. It’ll be Metroid Prime Trilogy HD cause there was a leak not long ago that stated it was practically finished and easy to sell.

  9. Maybe 1080 Snowboarding, maybe F-ZERO NX, maybe Pikmin 4, or – the long rumored – Metroid Dread.

    I’d personally like to see an F-ZERO on Switch.

  10. Me guessing won’t mean I’m expecting them but it would be great if one of these are a thing but we all know it won’t happen.
    F-Zero, remake/remaster or new

    Mother 3 localization

    Eternal Darkness or a sequel

    StarFox (with better motion controls if they do implement)

    Tokyo Sessions Mirage # FE port or a sequel or an actual Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei collab/crossover

    A collection of games with the Xeno series and not just Xenoblade

    A Baten Kaitos collection

    Doubt collections will actually happen but I threw them in just because.

  11. I’m still wondering where the heck Pikmin 4 is at? Why hasn’t Nintendo mentioned anything about it in SO long? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Miyamoto stated years ago that it was near complete. So, something must have went wrong.

  12. i lost faith in such announcements. empty words… people hope for something great like… star fox, f-zero, eternal darkness, KI ;-) and at least its just a port like
    Pikmin, 101

    1. I’d enjoy either of those ports. Especially since I never played The Wonderful 101 on Wii U.

  13. It will not be FZero!Nintendo too stupid to give fans games that they want.
    They just trying to gain hype after they failed and lied pathetically about Metroid 4.
    How many years have fans been waiting for F Zero Or Super Mario Galaxy 3 and all we get are DK games and Mario Party games no one asks for.
    The Metroid Prime trilogy for Switch is also lies.
    Where is MK9?New Pilotwings?New Castlevania?New FZero?list goes on.

    1. that are true words…
      the prime trillogie would be awesome.
      comon… we get mario ultimate allstars :-;
      Mario 1-3 an lost worlds and super mario word 1 & 2

  14. Captain Rainbow 2!
    Zelda Maker!
    Metroid Maker!
    Pilotwings Racing!
    Return to Takamaru’s Castle!
    Super Mario 3D World 2!
    Grill Off with Ultra Hand 2!

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