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Video: Overcooked! 2 Chinese New Year Update Available

Team17 has announced that the Chinese New Year update is now available for owners of Overcooked! 2 on Nintendo Switch. The update brings a number of new additions including seven kitchens, survival mode, and much more. The company has also produced a new overview video for the Chinese New Year update so you can get familiar with what to expect.

  • Seven new kitchens and a beautiful new world map!
  • Two new recipes – fruit platter and hot pot!
  • Two new chefs – Chinese New Year pig and an ornate dragon!
  • New game mode – ‘Survival mode’. Add seconds to the clock with every dish you serve and see how long you can survive!

4 thoughts on “Video: Overcooked! 2 Chinese New Year Update Available”

    1. It’s decent as a single player, but you want to play this with as many friends as possible- you’re either super organized and dominate the kitchen, or you’re so badly coordinated that everything goes to hell and the next thing you know the soup is on fire. There’s no in-between.

      And I love it.

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