Europe: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn For Nintendo 3DS Demo Available Today

Nintendo UK has announced in their Nintendo Download press release that a demo is now available for the upcoming Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for the Nintendo 3DS. Kirby’s Epic Yarn originally appeared on the Wii and was a delightful adventure. The demo for the Nintendo 3DS is available today in Europe, but hasn’t been announced just yet for North America.

In Patch Land, practically everything, from enemies to obstacles to who knows what else, is entirely made of yarn – even robots! And to beat courses made of yarn, you’ve got to use moves made of yarn. Every stage from the Wii version is making a return, and the Nintendo 3DS version is also being puffed up with some new features. When you pick up items you can craft bigger yarn balls, or you can even conjure up some wind to rake in the beads!


  1. The wii version is the best ranked Kirby game yet in metacritic and the one which neither HAL nor Sakurai acknowledge. lol.

      1. Kirby Superstar! It’s an SNES gem. The DS had a remake of it. You can also play it on the Virtual Console for Wii U and Wii. For me, Kirby Superstar is the epitome of traditional “Kirby” experience and gameplay.

    1. Kirby Super Star is the definitive Kirby game and after Sakurai made his magnum opus he busted outta HAL’s front doors and left me to die in a pile of cartridges.

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