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New Platinum Game Titled Astral Chain Coming To Nintendo Switch On 30th August

Platinum Games have announced a Nintendo Switch exclusive called Astral Chain. The trademark Platinum-based action is all there and to top it off it is coming to the platform on the 30th of August. You can view the chaotic events in the video below.

20 thoughts on “New Platinum Game Titled Astral Chain Coming To Nintendo Switch On 30th August”

      1. Same here!

        Wow. Astral Chain is just…WOW! Nintendo exceeded my expectation. The best part is that the guy behind its art is the same guy behind the manga series Video girl Ai and Wingmanโ€”Masakazu Katsura. Honestly, right now there isn’t much space for Nintendo’s hype train with Fire Emblem and Daemon X Machina already causing a lot of excitement.

    1. I think this is an open world ARPG similar to Nier Automata, judging from certain parts of the trailer it gives the feeling of exploration as you investigate crimes or something. I guess Platinum wanted Switch owners to experience what Nier had to offer but couldn’t bring that game over because SE seem to hate bringing popular games over to the Switch for some idiotic reason so Playtinum made this instead. I don’t think this game is coming to any other platforms either tbh.

        1. Mario Maker could have been anyones guess.
          Think it has been “leaked” for every direct since Switch release as a port or new entry.
          Eventually you gonna be right with it.

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