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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Spring

One of the announcements that Nintendo made in this Nintendo Direct was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. This game is coming over to the Nintendo Switch this Spring. The announcement tweet is down below.


    1. Yup. A game that came out of the blue. I feel like Hellblade: Senuaโ€™s Sacrifice is Microsoft’s way of reminding us that the company owns some rare games running in Nintendo systems. I guess it’s an answer of Nintendo and Microsoft to PS4 exclusives.

    1. im shocked that this version looks great for it being downgraded unlike Dead by Daylight which looks like an upscaled PS Vita game. also im a bit shocked Dead by Daylight got a Switch port.

      1. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one to notice that with Dead by Daylight. It seems like the game is getting rushed to Switch. Meanwhile, that racing game looks more demanding of the Switch’s tech & it looked better than DbD which doesn’t feel as demanding from what I’ve played of it on my PS4. But since I do have it on that system, I’ll just stick with it there. (I got it for free through PS+’s monthly giveaways.)

        While I enjoy the game, I’m glad I got it for free since it does have it’s fair share of microtransactions to the point I’m gonna stick to one or two killers and one or two survivors as my mains so as to keep my spending for cosmetics to a minimum.

      2. To be fair, game looks pretty bad on other consoles too. Devs just must not he very good at making pretty games.

    2. Yeah well you can also play these games on lowest setting on a MacBook.

      Every software can be run on the Switch with some tweaks and downgrades.

  1. This news just came out of nowhere. Xbox Game Studio developer Ninja Theory is porting a once PS4 exclusive title Hellblae to the Nintendo Switch!

  2. yes… a game made for me… the only one after the look from Zelda looks like playmobil and I hate planmobil

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