Nintendo Switch

A New Nintendo Direct Is Coming On February 13th

Grab some popcorn! Tune in on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. PT for roughly 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, including details on Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
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  1. Hey, this is always exciting to me. Interesting to see that all those rumors were correct. Wasnt actually expecting a Direct on the 13th, but hey, they proved me wrong. Maaan, I cant wait to see more Fire Emblem. I feel like its been forever since the first trailer (which looks absolutely dope by the way). Im anticipating that game. I am also interested to see if they have literally any information at all over Animal Crossing. It is my favorite Nintendo franchise after all. But hey, Im patient. Just excited.

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    1. I actually seen this on express news but was assuming it was a rumour.
      Rumours were prime trilogy and maker 3 and a new 2d Zelda.
      Just one of those and il be happy.

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    1. Won’t be too hasty – The same guy that gave us the date for the nintendo direct also mentioned something about the Pikmin Trilogy, Pikmin 4 and a certain “maker” game that should highly benifit from the online sub.
      Please remember that this is just a rumour and he could be just fooling around.

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      1. I disagree. I tried playing Awakening twice and each time I lost interest and went off to play something else. I needed the awakening.

        Its cool other ppl are into it but I really hope its not most of the direct.


  2. My predictions

    Mother 3
    Yoshi’s Crafted World
    Animal Crossing
    Bayonetta 3
    Some Indie games
    Daemon X Machina
    SMT 5
    MK 11
    Yokai Watch
    Pokémon teaser
    Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Mario Maker 2

    Maybe not all of them will show up… But with rumors and delayed games like these, it’s hard not to have high expectations for this direct…. Especially since Nintendo delayed the direct as well.

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  3. As happy as I am I’m not holding out for much… The past few time Ninty has had a direct or E3 it’s been crap… Games nobody wants, lame 3ds games that should of been made on switch and games to far away!

    I hope I’m proven wrong


  4. I’m guessing we’re getting release windows/dates for Luigi’s Mansion 3, animal crossing (maybe even a working title), Daemon X Machina and possibly Bayonetta 3 and FF7. We’ll get Spyro confirmed and gameplay of Joker and announcement of Persona 5 special or whatever for the switch. News about Dragon Quest XI with a smooth transition to Erdrick being the next dlc fighter? Maybe Nintendo will talk about new Labo kits coming out this year. Oh and maybe even Overwatch. There’s my predictions and I still think there would be more but I can’t think of anything else except the next series of Smash amiibo


    1. I don’t think they’ll announce the smash character in this direct heck I think they’re going to announce it in December because if I’m not mistaken sakurai said that the smash dlc roster will last 4-5 years


      1. Maybe, but he might be referring to there being multiple fighter passes as well. All of the fighters listed in the fighter pass 1 have a release date of 02/29/2020, which means it’s their goal to have all of them released by that date.

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  5. Better not be mostly about Fire Emblem because I have zero interest in the franchise. Wish I knew what they were gonna talk. About ahead of time to know if its worth my time but guess ill just have to see.


  6. Good thing I’m high as hell on Kingdom Hearts. No matter how bad (if it’s bad) the Nintendo Direct is, I won’t really care because… Kingdom Fucking Hearts, man! Everything else doesn’t matter right now! @.@

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      1. I haven’t played Persona. As for the ones I have played, too many to put into a list right now. I guess I would put Witcher 3 & Kingdom Hearts 2 in the #1 spot, though.


  7. Realistic Hopes:
    Smash DLC update
    Mario Maker Switch
    Yoshi’s Crafted World
    Three Houses

    TEAM DAMAGE option for online quick play.
    F-Zero Switch
    Remake of an older series (Ice Climbers, SoM)
    Pikmen 3 DX and Pikmen 4
    “Special Offers” addition that’s actually of value.
    SNES Library addition.
    DLC maps for Mario Party


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