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Nintendo UK Store: New Nintendo 2DS XL + 3 Games For £129.99

The Nintendo UK Store has a special offer on for the half term period. It is the New Nintendo 2DS XL which can be bundled with three selected games. Those games can include Bravely Second, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros and more. Take a look here if you are interested. The offer will be running until the 24th February. There is also a free delivery promotion on Nintendo 2DS hardware at the store. Simply use code READYFORTRAVEL at checkout.

1 thought on “Nintendo UK Store: New Nintendo 2DS XL + 3 Games For £129.99”

  1. Bravely Second – Already got it.

    MH4U – Don’t care; got Monster Hunter World.

    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Fuck that cancer.

    AC: Happy Home Designer – Don’t care.

    Triforce Heroes – Digital buy if I ever feel like buying it.

    Sonic Bo-… – Go die in a fire. lol

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