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Video: Tetris 99 Gameplay

One of the games revealed in the Nintendo Direct is a very interesting Tetris game. Tetris 99 is a free-to-download game that is available now for those who have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. There is already some gameplay footage that has been uploaded to YouTube by TiLMENDOMiNATiON, so we’ve included the video for you down below.

13 thoughts on “Video: Tetris 99 Gameplay”

    1. Best part is that it’s not from EA like on 3DS.

      This one if from the original creator and Nintendo.

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  1. The release of Tetris 99 is smart move to promote Nintendo Switch Online as well. Lately, I’ve been on the fence whether PS4’s Tetris effect is worth getting. I guess I don’t have to get it now. Furthermore, I know Battle Royale games are all the rage right now and would eventually be considered by Nintendo, I just never thought they’d make it for Tetris.

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  2. First time I had played Tetris 99, I was in 15th place. Nintendo has finally brought back Tetris. I truly missed the GameBoy (and NES) game.

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