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Dataminers Have Discovered What Joker’s Stage Will Be In Smash Ultimate

Dataminers have been on a roll lately, and the trend has continued with yet another discovery that has been confirmed tonight. Dr. HyperCake, a dataminer, has discovered “Jack_Menentoes” within the strings of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s LVD files. According to Dr. HyperCake, “the format of this string matches stage name strings in ui_stage_db”, which is usually (“[Series]_[Stage]”). Joker’s internal name is “jack”, so Joker’s stage may be Mementos. Dr. HyperCake’s tweeted the news, so we’ve included their tweet down below.

16 thoughts on “Dataminers Have Discovered What Joker’s Stage Will Be In Smash Ultimate”

    1. Yeah. Mementos has a nice music.

      What would be better if they give us other P5 songs other than Last Surprise and Mementos theme.

      Say Rivers in the Desert, Blooming Villain, and Life Will Change perhaps?

  1. I would have preferred the Casino Palace since the game opens there and it returns later, but you do spend waaaay more time in Mementos (though it does get tedious later).

    I bet- if it’s true- that the Mementos stage will be on a central platform between two subway tracks, and every once in a while a train will zoom by on them from the background. Any fighter at 100% damage or more will be screen K.O.d immediately. A warning will flash on the track a train will come by on moments before it does, allowing fighters to get out of the way, or for cunning players to try to force opponents into the path of the oncoming train.

  2. Oh great more hentai for you modern moerans! It seems the only good game on the switch is sonic mania no modern sonic for all you fur fags!

  3. Um… DUH!!! That WAS their DLC plan.
    Each DLC fighter will get their own stage and OST tracks.
    Come on, you guys are saying that like we HAVEN’T figured it out.

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