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Screenshots Appear For Unannounced Hidden Volcano Track From Team Sonic Racing

Kart racing fans have got two big kart racing games to look forward to later this year. There’s Team Sonic Racing from SEGA and Crash Team Racing from Activision. Screenshots from an unannounced track for the aforementioned Team Sonic Racing have appeared today and it is called called Hidden Volcano. Have a look below for the fact sheet and screenshot gallery!


9 thoughts on “Screenshots Appear For Unannounced Hidden Volcano Track From Team Sonic Racing”

  1. Yeah, no thanks. If I would even want a racing game I’d rather buy the Crash one, Mario Kart, Trials Rising or Rocket League.
    Never even understood the charm and popularity of the Sonic Games & Characters…

    1. And? Fire & volcanoes aren’t some natural concepts exclusive to Mario’s world; these are universal concepts so they can be used in anything. Are we gonna start crying every time Legend of Zelda uses a volcano location about how Zelda is ripping off Super Mario Bros 3 final stage set in a volcanic region?

  2. I have never played Team Sonic Racing yet but would really love to try it out.

    It looks fun.

    I get that a lot of people would find it super odd for Sonic to race with a car.

    It’s no big deal and make sense to me.

    Imagine if the race was a marathon, we all know that Sonic would obviously win.

    His the fastest video game character I know so far.

    Besides, I could also use another racing game aside from Forza and Mario Kart.

    And yeah, the Hidden Volcano Track is kinda nice.

  3. I just wanna thank you guys for not making the thumbnail for the Joker announcement for his stage, so I don’t have to get it spoiled for me! It means a lot!

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