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Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield Announced For Nintendo Switch Due This Year

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo has announced a new entry in the mainline Pokemon series and the latest entries are titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and feature new RPG elements and new locations. The Galar Region is where you’ll be exploring this time around. It’s due out this year globally on Nintendo Switch.

34 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield Announced For Nintendo Switch Due This Year”

      1. Me, on the other hand…

        So this is what I’ve been waiting for.

        While the inner Pokemon fan in me is crying for an evolved formula and Pokemon wandering the overworld, I still find Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield pretty solid!

        IMO, it has a gorgeous artstyle.

        I’m looking forward to playing this!

  1. Well this will be the big hitter for Switch this year. Yeah the art style isn’t too crazy, they took the safe route and have been keeping with the same art style they have been sticking to for generations. I think it would be cool if there was a big open world to explore but I’m not getting my hopes up. Regardless I’ll be getting this.

  2. This looks like the same engine as the pokemon lets go pikachu and evee, the starters look well ok I guess, sun and moon starters look better if you ask me but I will say it kinda looks good and kinda looks bland it just feels a bit empty its a good thing this isn’t the final product, Iw never gotten deep into the pokemon series and as the current state of the franchise I don’t see myself getting into it deep hopefully the anime is good

    1. I mean can you blame them they been wanting something new, like open world and maybe changing the formula up a little bit, only to get the same game with a graphic boost and more pokemon hopefully theres more the game I like to be prove wrong

      1. Yes I can blame them because they’re jumping the gun over a game that isn’t out yet. I understand being disappointed with something at first glance but that’s exactly what this was. A glance. If you’re passing judgement at this point, it’s too early and you should really learn some patience.

    2. I mean, the thing I want out of this region is at least 100 new Pokemon and actual post game content, and the first trailer was never going to tell me if we have that. I think the region is beautiful, let’s hope the rest delivers.

  3. Fake Leaks again — but that’s not a surprise.

    As for the game, it looks okay so far but I personally still need some convincing. A new generation/region is fine but I guess I still need to wait for more info to truly be 100% invested.. At the very least the games are not delayed.

  4. I personally thought it looks pretty good! It looks a bit less linear. It does still have a fixed camera, but I think it’ll be a bit more open. Definitely not the let’s go engine. It looks quite a bit different then let’s go. The environment is much more dynamic and more open areas. Let’s go is super structured.

  5. A bit of speculation here…
    Across most PKMN games The creatures for the PKMN logos usually show or hint at the Legendary PKMN for each version, like how Sun and Moon show/hint their legendary PKMN respectively but for the SWORD and SHIELD logos, the creatures (heads) look the same, so my speculation is that both legendary PKMN are actually the same but have a branched evolution, one evolving into a SWORD like PKMN while the other to a more SHIELD like PKMN — their evolution of course depends on the version you choose, or if GameFreak is generous you may even get to choose.


    1. All Though… the freedom of choosing your legendary regardless of the version could defeat the purpose of each version, so that part of my speculation is more far fetched but could still be possible.

      Maybe, for the version you choose, you get/find a mysterious item in the game [like Sword-ite or Shield-ite]… these items act like WaterSones or FireStones, so when you apply or make it hold the Sword-ite/Shield-ite, the legendary Galar PKMN evolve from their basic stage to their true form.

  6. I’m very excited for this. So far, some of my wildest wishes for the games have either not been fulfilled or remain unanswered, but since I also half-expected a lot of bad news with the direction the series was going to take, I’m super pleased with what we’ve seen so far. It seems that the general scope for the games and size of the region will match previous installments, but we could end up happily surprised. Besides that, I can’t tell what the situation is with the camera, but at the very least it looks better than generation 7 and 6, even if it’s fixed, so that shouldn’t be a big issue for me. Lastly, for years I’ve been hoping for a more interesting Poké Ride/HM system that lets you access all the Pokémon in your PC to perform moves or skills outside of battle. How they’ll be handling this is still a complete mystery, so I’m hopeful for something cool and interesting.

    I love the starters, too! But for god’s sake, don’t have Scorbunny evolve into another Fire/Fighting-type.

  7. Looks cool to me. Am I disappointed it still isn’t proper 3d with a movable camera? Yes but outside of that the region looks great with some really beautiful looking areas and the scale of them is impressive. We don’t know any new mechanics or gameplay elements yet so there is no point commenting on what we haven’t seen. The graphics are nice but definitely not mind blowing and no one should have expected anymore from gamefreak as they are never the most graphically impressive developer. It looked like it was running on the same engine as that Town game will be. Looking forward to it definitely.

      1. Yeah, if I pick the game up Scorbunny will be the starter I go with.

        I was going to go with Sobble but Scorbunny just grew on me.

        But I’ll be a little disappointed too if his final evolution is another fire/fighting type.

  8. So far there doesn’t seem to be a talking dex, which is what could prevent me from buying this game. And thankfully there are wild battles. I just hope that they are saving the rest of the good things for either a future Nintendo Direct or E3.

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