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Nintendo’s Mobile Partner Complains That Nintendo Doesn’t Want To Take Too Much Revenue From Customers

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a Nintendo mobile partner has complained that the Kyoto-based company doesn’t want to make consumers waste too much money on their range of mobile games. The partnering firm wants to earn more cash from Nintendo’s popular mobile games, but Nintendo won’t allow it to happen.

Since 2015, Nintendo has had revenue-sharing agreements for smartphone games that it creates with partners like DeNA Co….

…In some cases, players can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to win special items. Fearing such behavior will damage Nintendo’s brand image, the company has asked its partners to adjust the games so that users won’t spend too much, according to people familiar with Nintendo’s strategy.CyberAgent officials say Nintendo asked the game maker to adjust the game to avoid excessive spending by users.

“Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game,” one CyberAgent official said. “If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more.S

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26 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Mobile Partner Complains That Nintendo Doesn’t Want To Take Too Much Revenue From Customers”

    1. Reputation is far more important for Nintendo than being greedy.

      Besides, they’ve already won through advertisements using these mobile games.

      For that, I salute you Nintendo!

      Microtransactions just makes gaming less fun.

      Though Dragalia Lost has it, somehow it’s not totally messing with the game experience.

  1. Here we can see why the Mobile market is completely fucked, and the AAA publishers want this shit on all other platforms as well. Its astounding that not ripping off customers is a bad thing.

  2. Gotta give Nintendo credit for not falling into the same “let’s take ’em for all they got!” mentality many other companies going into the mobile sphere end up falling into when they realize how many suckers there are out there. I hope they continue to stay away from it.

    1. Wouldn’t be good if everyone spent all their cash in mobile games rather than Switch and such as well. Would probably hurt Nintendo in the long run if they went mobile only.

  3. Nintendo just gained a lot of cred in my books. For a while I’ve been spreading my hate at Sony, because since the PS3 I’ve felt they’ve done nothing but take advantage of their fans and try to squeeze them for every cent they can. Meanwhile on Xbox we have had free games for longer (They did it first), backwards compatibility is amazing and continues to bring old games back to players free of charge on their Xbox One. Microsoft ha had their shit together, and it’s obvious they put their fans before profit.

    And not Nintendo is leaning in that direction and I really appreciate and respect that and will support them more and recommend them more because of it.

  4. Well I applaud the higher ups at Nintendo for deciding on this. It’s refreshing to hear a big company taking this step and it’s a shame that it’s become something that we have to be happy for. It used to be a given not to take advantage of your customers back when everything wasnt so monetized as it is now. I’m strictly speaking for Nintendo’s mobile aspect at least, some other decisions are questionable lol

  5. But we also see Nintendo apps sore to really high spots in the app market and generate a lot of revenue from their popularity. I believe that has a lot to do with how much you can do with the games without paying money, plus the games are just fun to play. Nintendo knows how to make games that sell and make a great profit and I think these app developers can learn from them.

  6. GOOD! Stinking mobile app companies that would squeeze every last pence out of you and not care if you starve.
    I can’t stand em, especially these mobile gambling apps. It makes me sick that people get sucked into them.

    1. This so much its insane. You have a Nintendo account, how many times can you buy a game you already owned on another system? It’s a cheap way to get you again instead of letting you download the title you own. If google play could get it right, so could Nintendo.

      it’s one reason why i wont give up my 3ds, im not re-purchasing 30+games on another Nintendo console just for the flying fokk of it. Not a micro-transaction, but not really that far from it.

      i would upvote you but this website doesnt work properly anymore so blah.

  7. 1. Life isn’t about money.
    2. Good on Nintendo for treating their customers like humans and not trying to fool them into spending too much money.

  8. I see nothing to complain about. This is a side business for Nintendo anyway and besides, the numbers I’ve seen them make off Dragalia and FEH are still insane. They may not be complaining though..maybe they are “just saying”. … at any rate I respect Nintendo more for thinking about the gamers. These games are addicting and could very well turn into a problem for some who want the best characters.

    I haven’t spent anything in these games but if the announced a Zelda collar for Dragalia it’s over lol.

  9. There’s only so much morally acceptable money you can make with a game (or any product). If you wanna make more you have to exploit the gambling problem or some other weakness that people have. If you go that route as a company then you become a mafia and should be clean wiped from this earth.

  10. Maybe it’s because Nintendo isn’t stupid enough to bite the hand that feed it, like it’s customers who buy their games smfh:/

  11. I wrote this email to them, but it bounced back due to inactive address:

    Hey CyberAgent,

    Why are you pestering Nintendo due to the fact that they arenʼt cut out to be immoral sacks of shit with dollar signs in their eyes, while rubbing their hands for more? You and your types may corrupt and Goldsteinify any company that you want – just leave Nintendo out of this.

    Theyʼre doing fine by just being Nintendo and indeed the only video-game company that brings heart and genuine smiles to people of all ages and stages of their lives.
    Again, DONʼT push Nintendo into your fallen, demonic ways with only greed as your sole trait.

    Read this article and its comments to get the idea – there are lots of people that will hold you accountable: complains-that-nintendo-doesnt-want-to-take-too-much-revenue-from- customers/

    Thank you!

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