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Japan: Game Freak And Nintendo Trademark Armored Mewtwo

A new trademark has been discovered for the much loved Pokemon series. This trademark was filed by Game Freak and Nintendo for Armored Mewtwo. According to Reset Era member StealthyFrog “a new form called “Armored Evolution” for Sword and Shield has been heavily speculated on for a while now. ” I guess that this is further evidence that it is coming.


17 thoughts on “Japan: Game Freak And Nintendo Trademark Armored Mewtwo”

  1. Trademarks mean nothing to me. I read let’s go had a trademark for Raichu and I got squat. I’ll believe Armored Mewtwo when I see it in the game.

    1. You know Let’s Go Pokemon is a remake of Yellow right? Of course, it wasn’t gonna have anything new given it’s for people never played Pokemon. This trademark makes sense because it’s the next main series and armored Evolution may be real. Don’t be a party pooper and just wait until they announce something in a few months.

  2. The Armored Mewtwo trademark seems to be well received by so many people.

    Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution highlights Mewtwo equipped with an armor; hence the Armored Mewtwo.

    Movie merchandise used this but games having this is still a speculation.

    Some say that video games will also have this trademark but this isn’t the first time because a lot of things can have trademarks.

    Remember Ultra Shiny? It was treated the same.

    I have high hopes for this though.

    There’s a leak about armor evolutions for some Pokemons in Sword and Shield.

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  4. If it’s the armor Mewtwo wore in the first Pokemon movie & in the series before Giovanni showed his true colors & made Mewtwo abandon him, bring that shit on. I hope it’s an actual evolution for Mewtwo & not something like Primal Groudon/Kyogre or a Mega Evolution. If it’s a mega evolution similar to Rayquaza’s, I’m okay with that as you don’t need a specific item to let Rayquaza mega evolve.

    1. Least not an item you have to hunt down, anyway. But I’m hoping it’s technically a new Pokemon entirely so I can always have him in his armored form instead of only in it when I can use Mega Evolutions or Primal transformations.

    2. Don’t count on Armor Mewtwo being an actual evolution. I think only Pokemon that are in their final stage can go mega. Then again, anything can change, so who knows?

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