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Japan: Yo-Kai Watch 4 Will Release On The Nintendo Switch 6th June

Level-5 has confirmed today that Yo-Kai Watch 4 for the Nintendo Switch system will finally be released in Japan this June. The game has seen a few delays but hopefully for the better and the recent Let’s Play videos which were published by a number of Japanese YouTubers have looked promising. First-print copies of Yokai Watch 4 will include a crystal Yo-kai Ark.

5 thoughts on “Japan: Yo-Kai Watch 4 Will Release On The Nintendo Switch 6th June”

  1. Every time there’s an announcement about Yo-Kai Watch 4, I can’t help but keep saying how it looks awesome.

    Probably because it’s from Level-5.

    And every time I hear about Level-5, I always remember how great of a game Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and the first Yo-Kai Watch were.

    I personally think Yo-kai Watch 4 can rival Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    I’m on the edge of my seat with both of these upcoming RPGs.

  2. Yes they improved a lot since early builds, they are not afraid to change the battle system to keep things fresh only 4 games into the series (looking at you sword and shield) now we need a localization.

  3. REALLY want this game in the USA!! I was all excited about June 6th until I reread the article today… bummer. Until then, it’s Bony Spirits on my 3DS, I suppose. Fingers crossed it’s a 2019 translation.

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