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Nintendo Makes Super Mario Run Android Announcement

Nintendo has confirmed today that Super Mario Run on Android devices will be receiving the latest update to Super Mario Run in April or May this year. However those Android users who are using a fairly old version of the operating system won’t be able to update the game to Version 3.0.14 or play it. You will need to have Android 4.4 (Android KitKat) and upwards in order to engage in some Super Mario Run fun on Android devices and get the latest updates.


11 thoughts on “Nintendo Makes Super Mario Run Android Announcement”

  1. Oh, nice!

    Super Mario Run is fun thanks to its great gameplay and replayability.

    It’s about time this side-scrolling gold gets an update.

    I wonder what the update will be about.

          1. No, Nintendo wouldn’t give us what we don’t want either. They always give us what we didn’t know we wanted!

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