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Ninjara Vs Ribbon Girl Announced For ARMS Party Crash Bash

The next event in ARMS has recently been announced and this time it is Ninjara Vs Ribbon Girl, which should prove to be an entertaining match up. This battle has a theme of ‘Clash of the Quick’. and kicks off on the 29th March. The winner of this match will be facing off against either Mechanica or Dr. Coyle in the semi-finals.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


2 thoughts on “Ninjara Vs Ribbon Girl Announced For ARMS Party Crash Bash”

  1. “Clash of the Quick,” eh? Neither fighter is really quick unless they’re airborne and even then it’s only when they use their abilities (Ribbon’s quick drop and Ninjara’s vanishing air dash).

    If anything the theme should have been “Light Versus Dark”, which would fit better as Ribbon is a singer who’s always in the spotlight while Ninjara is a ninja, whom prefer to stick to the shadows.

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