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EA Publishing Velan Studios Team Action Game On Nintendo Switch

EA has announced today that they are planning to publish Velan Studios new project on the Nintendo Switch platform. The studio consists of Vicarious Visions founders and includes industry professionals who have worked on hit video games such as Super Mario Maker, Metroid Prime, Destiny, Uncharted, and more. The project is a team-based action title, which hasn’t been revealed as of yet, and it will be published under the EA Partners label.

Guha Bala, President and Co-Founder of Velan Studios

“In EA Partners, we found a team devoted to bringing breakthrough ideas to players everywhere. They believe in our creative vision and will use their best-in-class resources to support the success of our game. We started Velan Studios to make community-centered play experiences that are daring and distinctive from what’s being played today. We can’t wait to share the details of our first original game in the future.”

Karthik Bala, President and Co-Founder of Velan Studios

“Exploring the boundaries of play with new technology and play patterns is what makes us tick. Our plan was always simple: build an awesome team, find the magic in something new that the team was passionate about and then enable their success. We are looking forward to introducing their vision and evolving it along with players for many years to come.”

Rob Letts, General Manager of EA Partners and EA Originals

“Velan’s vision for this new game experience is very inspiring, and when we played it, we were immediately captured by how engaging and unexpectedly compelling it was. Helping discover pioneering talent with ground-breaking games the world needs to play is what we’re here to do, and we look forward to partnering with Velan to deliver an experience that will push the boundaries of original IP and innovation to engage players in new ways.”


17 thoughts on “EA Publishing Velan Studios Team Action Game On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I’m gonna guess another greedy EA microtransaction riddled mess. I see EA and I go negative and avoid anything EA attempts to shove out, EA have themselves to blame for this reaction.

    1. EA are solely to blame about microtransactions and the “popular” loot-boxes that flood our games.
      There’s even a video explaining how it came to be if you wanna see it, I can link it to ya.

      1. EA is solely to blame? Loot boxes have been a thing since before EA got they’re grubby hands on. Hell, I would say Valve is to blame for introducing them outside of Japan.

      2. I’ve seen that video before. It’s awesome and so true. It’s a shame though that deceptive EA trailers get 10s of millions of views and this one doesn’t even have 1 million views.

    2. Okay, well EA is just publishing the game. Sure, they may have a say in what goes on making it, but Velan studios is the one making the game. I would try to reserve final judgement until the game’s release and reviews pour in.

      1. EA is “just” publishing apex legends as well.
        One footing the bill usually has the final say what goes in to the game.

    1. After 2004. After Ancient Sanctuary only terrible cards. Luckily I did enjoyed it when it was still good like with The Sacred Cards (GBA).

  2. After Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem… Is it OK if I “Don’t Give A Crap” about this new game?

    Except it’s something really fresh…. And No Fuqing Loot Boxes

    1. I’m guessing you’re one of the people who ignored Unraveled 2… you know.. the puzzle platformer that was PUBLISHED BY EA FOR THE NINTENDO SWITCH!… If anything, we seem to be getting the better end of the stick compared to PC and the other consoles.

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