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Video: Streets Of Rage 4 Preview

Easy Allies have been one of the first to get their hands on Streets of Rage 4 which was announced a few months back now for the Nintendo Switch. Daniel Bloodworth and Micheal Huber from the team have uploaded their impressions and thoughts from a playable demo of the reboot of the classic series which graced both the SEGA Megadrive and the Super NES console. Take a watch down below and hear their thoughts on what they played.


      1. I have no idea why it says Nintendo in that sentence at all, a SEGA title on Nintendo console during the 16-bit war? :)

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    Streets of Rage 4 looks cool. I’m a bit startled by the more cell shaded art style as I’m used to its classic pixel sprite.

    I hope Yuzo Koshiro takes part in the music department.

    I feel like you can’t really call this a Streets of Rage without his amazing soundtrack.

    I’m glad that after more than two decades, there’s going to be a fourth entry of the Streets of Rage saga.

    I’m excited for this side-scrolling gold!

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