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Video: Star Wars Pinball Coming To Nintendo Switch On 13th September

Zen Studios confirmed this week that they are gracing the Nintendo Switch system with the Star Wars Pinball video game. You will be able to play the Nintendo Switch version of the game on 13th September. You might be wondering what the Nintendo Switch version of the game brings to the table and that’s a new Galactic Struggle mode “where you can follow the Light side or Dark side, a Career Mode meant for short bursts of gameplay, and Force Powers and Talents.”

You are given a total of nineteen different pinball tables/maps and these are based on Episode IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, Star Wars Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and finally Star Wars Rebels. Star Wars Pinball on the Nintendo Switch will also have HD Rumble and vertical play support. Check out the trailer down below:

11 thoughts on “Video: Star Wars Pinball Coming To Nintendo Switch On 13th September”

      1. That explains the millions of people who were at the Star Wars Celebration Convention who got massively excited for the new Episode 9 reveal as well as Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order and the new Disney+ series Mandalorian and the new Season to Clone Wars……. but you’re right, no one cares…..

        1. He never outright said “no one cares.” He could have just been answering my question with his own personal thought to answer the question & not speaking for anyone but himself.

          Don’t even know why you even brought up the millions of people excited by the E9 teaser trailer, though. What does that have to do with his answer to my question?

  1. Is it me or are Nintendo fans just angry they didn’t get Fallen Order?
    Relax, it’ll be on the Switch eventually as it’s running Unreal Engine 4, that and we’re already getting a new Lego Star Wars game which will more than likely come out on the Switch.

    1. Not me as I got a PS4 Pro, too, so if it doesn’t come to Switch, oh well. Considering it’s still being released by EA, I don’t have any interest in it regardless, though, so it could not release at all on any system and I wouldn’t be bothered. Now if the game releases & the user reviews are mostly stellar, I might be interested then. Til that day comes, I’ll pass just like I did with the sequel to Star Wars Battlefield.

  2. The fact that they include Disney Star Wars completely kills off any interest I had. I would totally buy this one if it featured the real Star Wars, not the Mickey Mouse SJW version of Star Wars.

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