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Video: Super Mario Maker 2 – Release Date Trailer Plus Pre-Order Incentives

Yesterday, Nintendo of America kindly shared the release date of the long-awaited Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch system. It will be arriving on 28th June which is a few weeks after E3. Today, Nintendo UK uploaded a special release date trailer and also revealed the game’s pre-order incentives for both digital or physical edition customers.

“Available for a limited time, the Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition* bundle includes the game and a 12-month Individual Membership for Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo’s online gaming service that allows members to play against each other in compatible titles, access a growing library of NES games, and much more. In addition, a special Super Mario Maker 2-themed Nintendo Switch stylus*, perfect for editing courses in handheld mode, will be available at select retailers as a bonus for players who buy the game at launch*.”

“Anyone who prefers the convenience of having the game installed on their Nintendo Switch console at all times will also be able to pre-order the game in Nintendo eShop in the near future, either as a standard game, or a digital bundle including the game and a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership. Players who pre-order the bundle digitally will also be eligible to receive a stylus.”


      1. I believe Gamexplain said that in their news video (at least, that is where I heard it from).

    1. It’s not there but i take it they will do that seeminlgy because majority of the special testing demos like (splatoon 2, and aces) both deliver 7 day free trial codes to your email account

    1. It’ll be compatible.
      It will be like your 11th finger ( or 9th if you want to get technical and not include your thumbs ) lol.

    2. I agree I’m a artist myself I only have a samsung galaxy stylus so that boi ain’t compaitable with alot of things, I feel like this should have been done when splatoon 2 launch

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