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Video: Bloodstained Coming 25th June To Nintendo Switch, Big Improvements Showcased

The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night team appear to have worked tirelessly on the development of the long-awaited game and judging from the new trailer it appears as though it has been worth the effort. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is due to release on the Nintendo Switch platform on 25th of June. Be sure to watch the video below which shows the PlayStation 4 version which launches sooner.

Igavania is back! With the support of the Bloodstained community, 505 Games and ArtPlay have taken the extra time and care to ensure they’re doing things RIGHT. Check out some before and after comparisons in this new video to see all the hard work they’ve poured into Bloodstained over the last year. Oh and there are some dates in there or something too…


  1. I’m now quite excited to play this game, it seems like the devs really want this game to be good, and took the time to polish and improve everything…so yeah, I’m hyped!

  2. Awesome. This is the ONLY game that I have ever backed on Kickstarter, or any other crowd funding site. Also, I’m glad that this had a June release date, as I go to the big San Diego Comic Con every year. Never miss it. Haven’t missed it in over 10 years. And past rumor dates had this coming out at about the same time as Comic Con this year, and I didn’t want it to release then, as I didn’t want to be out of town when it arrived. So, it coming out a month in advance is great news. I’ll get to take it with me to Comic Con, which is awesome. Can’t wait.

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