Nintendo Switch

Video: Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch Handheld Gameplay

Team Sonic Racing is due for release very soon and today is the first time we have seen the Nintendo Switch version in action. The footage below is captured in handheld mode. Team Sonic Racing is 30fps on the Nintendo Switch, while other versions are at 60fps, which is the same as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Have a watch of Sonic and his friends below!


      1. Not only did you not phrase it right, you phrased it completely incorrectly. The sentence doesn’t reflect what you meant. You need an editor, dude.


    1. So what? Then it is a clone just like every jump n run, shoot em up or fighting game. As long as it is fun, there is no problem.


  1. I want cream the rabbit, sticks the badger, chaos zero and the Babylon rogues to be playable on team sonic racing. #TeamSonicRacing


  2. Graphics are not a problem for me. The dilemma is the lack of playable characters. I can’t even play as cream the rabbit and a Babylon rogue. I will not play as big the cat and omochao because I do not want to. #TeamSonicRacing


  3. So is it 30fps only handheld or in docked as well? Doesn’t bug me too much but I’d like to know. Also wish there were more playable characters.


  4. They gotta add the Babylon Rogues as a dlc team and a Mania team of Classic Sonic with Ray and Mighty. A Hooligan team of Bark, Bean and Nack would also be very welcomed. What if Switch got an exclusive Nintendo team of like Mario, Captain Falcon and Fox McCloud or something.


  5. I don’t get why people are complaining about the roster, it’s not like the game is full price.
    Only paid £29.99 for my copy.


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