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Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct 15th May 3pm PT

Nintendo of America has announced that there’s a Super Mario Maker 2 themed Nintendo Direct taking place on 15th May at 3pm PT / 11pm BST The event will be around 15 minutes long and will shed light on features we can expect to see in the retail release at the end of June.

Thanks to Nephstinus for the news tip

20 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct 15th May 3pm PT”

  1. Omg, that one guy who did a video was right! He said something like “why there will be a Mario Maker 2 Direct before E3. Anyways I spent hundreds of hours playing the first and I can’t WAIT for the sequel!

    1. Idk, if I had the choice… I think I’d rather not have wasted my parents money on games like Zelda II (fight me), Simon”s Quest, Paperboy, etc back in the day. Maybe I could have got a better game instead. A game I missed out on and didn’t get to play for another 30 years. I like knowing almost everything about a game before it drops. A LOT less buyers remorse nowadays.

    2. I think for a game about creating your own content, I’d prefer to know as much as possible- especially about tools- so I can start thinking up levels before I get my hands on the game and I have ideas ready to go.

    3. Mr. Dr. Super Mario Junior III

      They revealed a ton about the first game if I remember correctly, and there were still a bunch of little surprises to discover. Also it’s not like this game features a big story — there really isn’t a ton to “spoil” since the fun of discovery will come from user generated content that won’t even exist until after release.

      In this case I think they get a pass.

    4. No it’s not just you.
      If I’m a bit weary about a game il read up on it a lot more, but if a game that’s almost sure to be great like botw, il be very careful and not look into every news headline especially if it was info on the game after its realeased. Games like botw are full of surprises and if you read too many headlines/videos etc your going to spoil the surprises and have a not as good experience.
      So no, it’s not just you.

    5. At least it’s a Direct which means if you don’t want to know stuff then you can avoid watching it. However you’d probably have to avoid social media, websites, friends and family and crawl under a rock for a few weeks as I’m sure people will be talking about it if they are going to buy it 😅 ah well…. have you heard of camping ?

      1. Lol I just bought kingdom hearts 3. I was frustrated when casually scrolling through game news sites and seeing huge spoilers blatantly written in the titles of the articles. Enough to say I knew most of the big events, world count, features, etc days after it was released just from the titles. Sad, sad world it’s become lol

        1. Lol it was the same for me with Breath of the Wild. I thought staying off Twitter was a must but then you’d see guys playing it on YouTube and putting spoilers on the thumbnails and titles. I was like yeah… no YouTube either lol.

  2. What for? Whoever wants this game is getting it already, and whoever doesn’t will not be swayed by more info on it.

    The problem with these last minute directs is that all they are is a mass of spoilers.

    The last two generations of Pokemon were made completely unplayable because GameFreak just couldn’t stop spoiling everything in them.

    1. +Gaming Fan
      I could be wrong on this but do you need Playstation Plus to play the levels made by others? I know you can upload files without PS Plus but don’t you need it to actually play the levels created by others?

  3. what days? in the 90ies I used to CUT OUT every single evidence of a N64 game out of magazines and collect them like an insane serial killer. I knew waaaaay more than I do today. I went into Breath of the Wild without knowing shit about that game (and compared to MM2, BotW was literally all over the place)
    It’s really not that hard to block something out. And it’s indeed totally worth it most of the time. Horizon Zero Dawn totaly surprised me thanks to not being spoiled. God of War felt pretty weird up to a point where I hoped I would’ve been spoiled more to expect this, but after a while it got such a damn nice game I’m more than happy it manages to suprise me like that.
    But MM2 doesn’t really seem like a game that needs to surprise. It needs to deliver. It’s more like an application. I expected MM1 to surprise me like a game does and got a bit disappointed after understanding, this isn’t meant to deliver a dramaturgy, it’s just there to do what it promises to do on the package. It offers tools. If knowing those tools before would really harm the experience, then it might do a pretty bad job at what it is.MM really only works because of how you and the people in the world are utilizing the tools and that can’t ever really get spoiled by any direct.

    So I get what you say, I disagree that it matters and even if it does for you, it’s kinda easy to not make it a problem by just moving on and wait for the game, unspoiled, in june.

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