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Discord Still Hopes Their App Could Appear On Nintendo Switch

Discord have told a fan that they still hope their chat app could eventually come to the Nintendo Switch system. For voice chat on the Nintendo Switch you still need to use the Nintendo Switch Online app, but Discord would be the preferred option for system owners. Here’s what the company has said about the idea on Twitter.

Thank you to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

14 thoughts on “Discord Still Hopes Their App Could Appear On Nintendo Switch”

    1. It’s sad because the Switch is technically a 9th console yet there is a scarcity of anything even remotely innovating/modern or attesting to the quality of a 9th generation system…

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  2. Nintendo might wait with these things for the next iteration of the Switch witch might have a better overall architecture for that. Of course I’m just assuming there, but from what I think, they obviously had to make some sacrifices to give the Switch at least 3,5 hours of batterylife when playing common games. Every app you’d additionally use might already change that and thus the general perception of the Switch’s portability. People didn’t really buy the GameGear for that reason: it just had a poor battery life and was played being plugged to a cable for most of the time. Not sure why they allowed Youtube then, maybe because it’s the one basic thing and people wouldn’t watch hours of content there like they could on Netflix, I don’t know. but it’s the only strategic explanation for them not allowing apps like VOIP messengers or streaming media stuff. And one day they might have hardware that will allow all of that while also matching a good battery life and also coming at a pricetag people would still buy the whole thing. But if they haven’t done this so far, they won’t do it now on this system.

    1. Actually, some YouTubers do live streams on there & some of those streams can go for hours, so people actually can spend hours on YouTube watching content. I follow 40 something people & I’ve spent hours on my Samsung’s YouTube app going through all of my notifications.

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