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New Final Fantasy VII Patch On Nintendo Switch Removes Music Bug And More

A new patch has dropped for the beloved Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The main aspect of this patch is that it finally fixes the music bug which plagued both versions. There’s also a few new handy fixes.

Summary of patch:

  • Music will now resume where it left off once a battle has concluded.
  • Transitions between cutscenes and gameplay no longer have a frame of black screen.
  • The flashback scene that played incorrect music now plays the correct music.



    1. Apparently It fixed the Xbox version as well. SO just the other ones… and the Vita version is the PS original I’m pretty sure. At least the version I have.

  1. I just want an HD remaster. I’ve played this so many times on so many different consoles.

    1. This is an HD remaster… the closest to an HD remaster they can make without building it from scratch… which they are. That’s the FF7 remake. It’s coming. But this has HD character models and cleaned up backgrounds. Or they are supposed to be cleaned up backgrounds, though they look muddier in my opinion. Still, there have been other remasters that people have though looked aesthetically worse than the original. Doesn’t make this not a remaster.

    1. Don’t think the Vita version had this bug. The Vita version is the playstation original, I believe. The version I have anyway.

      1. Yeah that’s the one I’m playing, the PlayStation classic. It does do it sometimes though, specially around the beginning where im fighting while ridding the buggy.

  2. For anyone wondering, this doesn’t affect the Vita and PS3 versions of the game because those are the PS1 classics version of the game. Any bug that’s new to the 2011 PC port isn’t in the Vita and PS3 releases since those are just the PS1 game.

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