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Team Sonic Racing Review Scores Are Diverse (73 Metacritic)

The reviews have come pouring in for Sumo Digital and SEGA’s, Team Sonic Racing. The review scores seem to be hovering around an average of 7/10. It seems that the game isn’t as accomplished as the last Sumo Digital kart racer Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed. As of this moment in time the game has averaged 73 on review aggregation site MetaCritic. Here’s a sample of the reviews:

“Team Sonic Racing nails what matters most: speed and finesse on the racetrack. The new team system is a fantastic evolution of the arcade racing formula that gives you a real reason to work together, and there’s a litany of customization options to keep you coming back to these excellent tracks to earn more. Even though the small roster and annoying Adventure mode story could be better, Team Sonic Racing is an addictive and inventive evolution that proves Sumo Digital is at the top of its game.”

– IGN 8.5/10

The essence of Team Sonic Racing is good; its handling feels tight and smooth, drifting has a good flow to it, and the items are fun to use, as are the tracks to race on. It doesn’t bring much new to the genre, but it delivers where it counts. The racing is fast and fun, and the team aspects offer enough of a change to the formula to make Team Sonic Racing the endearing arcade racer it is.”

GameSpot 7/10



  1. I’m still looking forward to it, but I do feel like it didn’t get me as hyped as All-Stars Transformed.

    I can’t quite put my finger on it. I mean, from a gameplay perspective, it really should be better. It even has customization options which you couldn’t really do before. (Unless I’m forgetting something)

    I’m guessing I’ve gotten too attached to non-Sonic characters like Ulala, Gum, etc. But yeah, I’m sure this will still be good.

  2. Just a heads up; Apparently the game only runs at 30FPS on Nintendo Switch. If you want 60FPS, get it for Playstation 4.

    1. Sorry I don’t care about the damn ps4 as the ps4 sucks.Sony said greatness awaits yeah right funny joke Sony I’m still waiting.

      1. +Mike List of Playstation 4 Games I’ve loved and just to clarify, some of these later came to Nintendo Switch

        Dragonball FighterZ
        Dragonball Xenoverse 2
        Soul Calibur 5
        Horizon Zero Dawn
        BlazBlue Central Fiction
        BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle
        Dissidia NT
        Tekken 7
        Injustice 2
        Monster Hunter World

        And what’s funny is most of those are just Fighting Games, I haven’t even brought up the RPG and Platformer games so actually yes, there is plenty of greatness on PS4.

  3. “Team Sonic Racing Review Scores Are Diverse (73 Metacritic)”

    But isn’t diversity our strength?

    Sorry, I had to.

    1. The one before this did well because it was diverse from a great multitude of Sega characters. Yes diversity is our strength; ask dumb Charles Darwin how marrying his cousin turned out for him and his offspring. I had to take it there.


  4. Never looked great to me but I’m sure it’s ok. Crash Team Racing looks like the better option for anyone who isn’t a big fan of Sonic and wants another cartoon racer.

  5. Needs sticks the badger (speed), cream the rabbit (technique), chaos zero (power), jet the hawk (speed), wave the swallow (technique), storm the albatross (power), ulala (speed), samba de amigo (speed), reala (technique), NiGHTS (technique), aiai (power), and billy hatcher (power) to be dlc. I want at least 2 of those characters I mentioned. I will not play as big the cat and omochao.

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