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The Next ARMS Party Crash Bash Semi-Final Round, Featuring Ninjara & Mechanica, Begins On May 24th

The next ARMS Party Crash Bash semi-final match has been dated by Nintendo earlier today.  From May 24th to 27th, Ninjara and Mechanica will battle. Whoever wins this match will face Min Min in the finals. The official Nintendo Versus Twitter account tweeted the news, so we’ve included their tweet for you down below. Feel free to check it out.


  1. Really hopes Ninjara wins the whole thing! But they’re probably have Mechanica artificially win, since Ninjara vs Min Min has been done before.

    Springman or Max Brass should’ve made it to the finals, but hopefully I can settle for Ninjara.

    1. It’s just based off of people playing online. I see ninjara winning and going against min min. Mechanical is really not any competition for either of them in my opinion

    2. I dunno, Mechanica and Ninjara both have fine mobility, but the former is a much larger target for the latter to hit. It could truly go either way for this one.

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