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Kotaku Splitscreen Reveals New Ubisoft Projects For E3

The Kotaku Splitscreen podcast has shed some light on a couple of the projects that Ubisoft will be showcasing at E3 2019. The first is Pioneer, which was originally developed as a “peaceful sci-fi” game, and has since morphed into a co-operative shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine which is a co-op PVE shooter. The second is very intriguing as it is a game called Orpheus. It is described as a small-scoped RPG with an art style similar to the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Ubisoft’s E3 presentation is on 10th June at 9pm BST.


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4 thoughts on “Kotaku Splitscreen Reveals New Ubisoft Projects For E3”

  1. Sorry Ubisoft. Unless you give me splinter cell and or watch dogs on Nintendo switch, I’m not interested.

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