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Amazon Japan: Zelda Link’s Awakening Release Date Potentially Leaked

A new listing for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake went up on Amazon Japan revealing a 20th September release date. The listing has since been taken down. The game will undoubtedly feature in today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, so we should hopefully find out for sure then.


20 thoughts on “Amazon Japan: Zelda Link’s Awakening Release Date Potentially Leaked”

    1. Gruntilda: Dingpot digpot in the bench, who’s the nicest witch?

      Digs in nose. Flicks a booger now that’s gross

      Dingpot:Why it is Grunty anyday, she really takes my breath away.

      Gruntilda: yes you are right I’m rather proud, my looks stand me out from the crowd.

      Dingpot: err but there is this girl.

      Gruntilda: What you mean this cannot be, there is no one prettier than me.

      Dingpot: Why it’s Tootie young and small she is the prettiest one of all.

      Gruntilda: No no no you must be mad, nicer beauty can’t be had!!

      Dingpot, unfortunately I think you’ll find Tooite is the one cute and kind.

      Gruntilda bangs on Dingpot. Dingpot grawls because of the pain.

      Gruntilda runs off with her broomstick flying after her.

      Gruntilda: Will ……well see about that!!

      Meanwhile in Spiral Mountain, Tooty runs towards Zher brothers house and Bottles the short mole stops her.

      Bottles: Hi Tooty what are you going to do today?

      Tooty: I’m waiting for my brother to wake up so we can go on an adventure.

      Inside the house Banjo is snoring away.

      Kazooie over hears the conversation from the house.

      Kazooie: I wanna go on an adventure too!

      Oh she was going to go on an adventure alright.

      Meanwhile outside the lair was an object big green and rare.

      Bottles looks towards the flying object.

      Bottles: Is that your brother?

      Tooty: Where Mr. MOLE. I dont see him.

      Bottles: up there in the sky.

      Tooty, I dont think so. Who is that.

      Gruntilda flying around in the sky comes towards Tooty

      Gruntilda : Come to me my little pretty, you’ll soon be ugly what a pity.

      Tooty: Let me go you ugly old hag.

      Gruntilda: Dont fight and scratch my little bear you’ll soon need bigger underwear.

      Inside Banjo’s house his dishes break and still sound asleep not close to wake.

      Bottles: Oh soooooo she’s got her someone help the Witch has Tooty.

      Kazooie: Banjo Wake Up!!

      Banjo: Yawns: what is it Kazooie?

      Kazooie : We have to go outside there is trouble.

      The scene ends with an evil laughter back to the Witch’s lair.

      Source. 1998 Banjo Kazooie Rareware for Microsoft.

      1. After completing Bottle’s 6 skills, the mole finally repairs the bridge for Banjo-Kazooie to cross and enter Gruntilda’s lair.

        Meanwhile up in the lab, Gruntilda the witch is in one unit while Tooty is in the other with bars over it preventing her from escaping.

        As Klungo the scientist enters the lab
        Grunty speaks out

        Gruntilda: This fine contraption so I been told will make me young and Grunty old.

        Little Tooty is scared as she can be she only hope’s her brother will rescue her so she can be set free.

        Tooty: let me go you fat hag. My brother will come and kick your butt.

        Gruntilda: Rescue you not he will not dare there are many dangers in my lair. Hurry Klungo and push that Switch. I’m tired of being an ugly old witch

        Klungo: Yessssssssss mistresssssssssss Grunty! Power isssssssss on. Sssoon be ready.

        Tooty: Banjo…. HELP…
        Little Tooty cries while the contraption she is inside closes and the engine warms up.

        Meanwhile Banjo enters the lair. And the Witch says

        Gruntilda : There he is the fun begins by tricks and traps let’s see who wins.

        Banjo-Kazooie looks towards the left and see a yellow puzzle piece when he gets to it he finds out it is called a “Jiggy” and he needs to collect them to get closer to the witch.

        He picks it up and goes towards the opposite the right and sees a picture with a piece missing. And places it inside the picture and the door opens.

        Gruntilda is heated

        Gruntilda:That was just an easy fit. The others let’s just test your witt.

        Banjo-kazooie enters “Mumbos Mountain ” where he learns with enough tokens and Mumble’s magic is helpful change Banjo-kazooie to something that can help him get to locations impossible to get to in all worlds.

        1. Meanwhile hours has passed and Banjo-kazooie has completed Mumbo’s Mountain, Treasure Trove Cove, Clanker’s Cavern, up to up to Freezeeezy Peak.

          Banjo-Kazooie learns that a immature polar bear forgotten to buy his 3 kids something for Christmas but rather race for a jiggy. Banjo of course accepts the offer because he needs to save his sister. After beating the polar bear for the 2nd time he goes home and rest. When Banjo follows him he gives the kids 3 gifts he found as he was looking for jiggies. The kids are happy then shout. Boggy the polar bear wishes the kids would be quite or go outside so he can get some sleep.

          Anyway Banjo-kazooie completed this round and now is off towards Gobi’s Valley.

      2. September ?

        How interesting I wonder how Nintendo will handle the release dates of their big games do they don’t compete with each other.

        We still have Animal crossing, Astral Chain, DaemonXMachina, Luigi’s Mansion, Dragon quest XI, Zelda FF 8 Pokemon, Fire emblem and maybe more to come.

        In my opinion it would have been better to release some of those earlier in the year.

        Outside of yoshi we had nothing to play.

        1. I totally agree with you and to be fair Fire emblem got delayed.
          The plan I think for this is going to be like this
          July – Fire Emblem Three houses
          August – Astral Chain
          September – TloZ (if it’s real) if not then Animal Crossing
          October – Animal Crossing (+ Luigi’s Mansion 3)
          November – Luigi’s Mansion 3 + PokĂ©mon
          December – Dragon Quest + Daemon x Machina

        2. Finally Banjo has completed all 9 stages including Tick Tock Wood. He has gotten 100 music notes, 900 Jiggies and has learned all the moves from the hostages up to Gobi’s Valley being the running shoes.

          As he enters he sees this huge platform with Grunty’s face on it.

          He steps on it and transports to a lava area with little platforms on it. Each little platform was divided by squares with different pictures on it. Some had Banjo-kazooie face on it. Some had Gruntilda’s faces sone had Bruntilda’s face the sister of Gruntilda. From music notes to jiggies to a skull.

          The Skull was a random choice, if Banjo stepped on it and answered the question correctly he can go to the next one as well as gave 2 passes to skip over if he wanted to. But if he gotten it wrong, then he would lose all 9 honeycombs and die.

          Gruntilda:Get this wrong for Grunty’s sake and a lava bath you will take.

          If he landed on one with Gruntilda’s face, the. He had to answer personal yet disgusting questions of Her such as, the color underwear she likes to her favorite drink and favorite music band. Luckily her sister Bruntilda is found all around the lair and she tells everything.

          The box with the music notes on it are the sounds and songs of every collectible and every song. Banjo had to figure out what that song was or collectible was as well as screan shot.

          Banjo-kazooie finally pass the test and Gruntilda says

          Gruntilda: It’s not fair it’s not fair I wanted to win. Oh how much I wanted to be thin. Now take the prize on show while up the winning stairs I go.

          Gruntilda runs up stairs and Kazooie picks with Tooty before heading back home . As they head back home the characters display the credits.

          At the Banjo’s house Mumbo, Bottles and Banjo-kazooie are partying while Mumbo is has the grille out. Tooty comes by and says.

          Tooty: what are yall doing? The witch got away.

          They return back to Grunty’s Lair.

        3. Meanwhile back in Gruntilda’s creepy lair. Banjo-kazooie sees a picture that is mostly empty. Luckily they collected all the jiggies from the stages and was able to fill it up. As they did, it turned out to be a horrid picture of Gruntilda herself. The doors open up and inside is a room with 4 doors labeled “900 noted.” In the center of this room is Dingpot himself still upset what the witch did when he told her about Tooty being pretty and kind.

          The Bear and Bird first open up all the doors marked 900 music notes. The 1st one are the feathers. It fills up to 100 maxed.

          The 2nd one are the eggs it fills up to 200 maxed.

          The 3rd are the golden feathers filled up to 20 maxed.

          The 4th one is the honeycombs that gives Banjo-kazooie maxed at 18hit points. The honeycombs are covered in red.

          Next the two go talk to Dingpot.

          Dingpot wants the Bear and Bird to defeat the witch. He tells them to jump inside him so he can shot them all the way to the roof.

          They jump in and Dingpot blast them up like a torpedo.

          On the roof top is Gruntilda sitting on her broomstick in front of them.

          She flies around the edges.
          And Banjo-kazooie uses one of the moves Bottles showed Kazooie with the eggs. She fires toward the witch when she is still.

          Gruntilda screams as it was painful. She then fires rounds of fire toward Banjo-kazooie. They dodge everyone. The bear and bird repeat by spitting eggs when the witch isnt moving.

          Finally Gruntilda is fed up she throws in a green giant fire ball at them where they cant escape it. Simular to when playing Mario Kart and someone tosses over a blue shell and the person in 1st place cant escape unless he has a star or let someone else take the lead.

          Banjo-kazooie then uses the move they learned from Clanker’s Cavern with the gold feathers that covers them and protects them like Mario’s power star.

          The green ball of fire hits them but nothing happens because of the gold feathers.

          All of an sudden Gruntilda decides to stay above them so they can no longer hit her. Then appears the flying pad. Banjo-kazooie rush to it so they can fly they then decide to learn another move they learned from Bottles. A rush attack that is also a flying attack.

          They use it on the witch. The witch trys to escape that and throws fire at them. Banjo-kazooie repeats this about 4 more times.

          Finally the witch broom breaks in half and she falls back on the tower.

          Banjo-kazooie hurries back on the roof and as they do a green fire ball comes toward them.

          The golden feathers operates and observes the green fire again. This time Gruntilda is protected and their is nothing Banjo-kazooie can do to hit her.

          All of a sudden 6 jinjo statues appear. Behind each of the 5 statues are holes in them . The middle one has 4 holes all four corners.

          Banjo-kazooie knows they need to shot eggs in them to make them work.

          Gruntilda also knows they need to shot eggs in the statues. So Grunty shots lots of fire. After a.moments pause she shots a green fire ball to be sure they cant escape.

          The two rushes up to each statue to fire their eggs into the statue.. the first one opens up and attacks Grunty.

          Gruntilda: OUCH!

          After that the 2nd statue does the same

          Gruntilda: OUCH

          Then the 3rd , then the 4th.

          Then a giant statue occurs in the middle. It takes 20 eggs. Banjo-kazooie rush to it. Gruntilda is shooting her fire making sure they dont reach the statue and finishes with a green fireball.

          Banjo-kazooie has about 7 golden feather left and have to either collect them from the castle as they reappear or like Peppy from Starfox tells Starfox “Use them Wisely.”

          The bird and bear takes advice from Peppy and use the golden feathers wisely. They finally manage to wake up the last statue.

          Gruntilda freezes as she sees the giant the other jinjos. Each jinjo flies inside the giant jinjo as it gains strength.

          It flies around in a circle getting faster and faster.until it is of the speed of light.

          Then all of a sudden it rams into the witch over and over and over and over and over again.

          Gruntilda is scared and claims she can take the attack but hearing by her screams that’s a lie.

          Finally the giant Jinjo is fed up and he makes this last attack his most powerful.

          It hits Grunty so hard that she falls off her tower down into Spiral mountain. A rock falls on top of her

          Gruntilda : Humph……humph…….
          Too heavy. Grunty this fate it cannot be so hurry Klungo rescue me.

          Banjo-kazooie, Bottles and Mumbo celebrity at a beach. Banjo ask his sister if they are finished. Tooty looks up and says.”Yes.”

          Later Mumbo rushed to Banjo-kazooie with photos of things they missed. It was doors and a key they saw but wasnt able to enter. Inside those doors were eggs.

          Also.there was an island.from Treaser Trove that shot up so they could enter.
          And an Ice Key was in Banjo-Tooie adventure

          Mumbo wouldnt tell them how they get to them or open them up.

          You have to find out on the internet.

          The end.

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